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Pyruvate For Weight Loss

Those considering pyruvate for weight loss should know some of the facts and theories regarding this substance and how it works. Pyruvate is a naturally occurring compound that is involved with the metabolizing of sugar. Many weight loss and muscle-building formulations now contain it, each claiming that it will help burn fat and improve muscular performance. Their claims are based on the role that pyruvate plays in the body.

The Facts About Pyruvate for Weight Loss

By definition, pyruvate is a salt form of pyruvic acid, which is a molecule derived from the breakdown of glucose during metabolism. Glucose breaks down into pyruvic acid during glycolysis, the medical term for the conversion of glucose into energy. This is the process that turns blood sugar into the energy used by the body for its various functions. Thus, pyruvate is an integral part of metabolism itself, and is necessary for the conversion of sugar into energy.

The role it plays in weight loss has been studied through research. Since pyruvate is the catalyst for the creation of energy, it is theorized that supplementation with pyruvate will increase muscle performance and help create greater thermogenesis (the creation of heat in the body.) The result will be better overall performance during exercise and faster burning of fat. Dosages necessary to achieve these goals are debated, but most experts agree that pyruvate for weight loss is at least theoretically a sound idea.

By providing the body with more pyruvate for use during the metabolic process, supplements can become a part of a weight loss and muscle-building program. As with all ingested substances, it is best to use only the recommended dosages to see how the body reacts to it. Keep in mind that pyruvate for weight loss has been established in small-scale studies and its effectiveness may depend upon many factors.

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