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Burn Fat Fast How to Burn Fat

Want to know how to burn fat fast?

You'll be amazed how quickly the cumulative effect of making small changes will quickly add up to help you burn fat fast with very little effort on your part.

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1. Add vinegar to your recipes and turn on the genes that ramp up the body's fat burning system. A recent study in Japan using animals on a high-fat diet showed those with vinegar added to their diet gained 10% less than those being fed a high-fat alone.

2. Infuse your environment with the scent of vanilla. Experts believe that seritonin, a chemical in the brain that makes us feel satisfied, is stimulated by the scent of vanilla. In Britain, scientists discovered that people who wore vanilla scented patches averaged losing 5 pounds in a month, without even trying.

3. Drink a cup of coffee. A study conducted at Vanderbilt University showed that coffee drinkers burned 31% more fat during workouts.

4. Eat eggs for breakfast. A recent study revealed that women who eat two eggs every morning as part of their diet routine lost 65% more overall weight and 83% more belly fat.

5. Increase your fiber intake. A Yale University study recommends upping your fiber intake by at least 5 grams. Easily done by dissolving a teaspoon of psyllium husk in a glass of water or juice and helps drop13 pounds of belly fat over a years time. That's twice as much as women tend to lose when they count calories. The fiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and helps to balance blood sugar.

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