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These are the most frequently asked questions about the Personalized Weight Loss Program.?If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to Contact. Applied Weight Loss Center and we will be happy to assist you.

How will this program work when other diets I have tried in the past haven't??

Your Personalized Weight Loss Program is not a diet. It is a healthy way of living and eating. The problem with a diet is that while you may lose weight while you are following it, unless you are willing to stick with it forever as soon as you stop following the diet the weight you have lost comes right back on and then some!

Your Personalized Weight Loss Program is designed so that you are able to choose your own foods each and every day which makes it very easy to stick with permanently!Will my program be sent to my home??br />
Yes, your program is sent directly to your home.?You will also have unlimited access to our Members Area for weight loss support and other weight loss aides, tools, guides and information.What's included with my program?燳our program includes personalized menu plan, personalized fitness plan, weight loss diary to keep track of your progress, free weekly progress reports based on your weight loss progress, free updates and adjustments to your program as your weight loss needs and goals change, our monthly newsletter delivered right to your email, unlimited access to our Members Area where you will find delicious recipes for your menu items, target zoning routines for those hard to lose areas, dining out guides, unlimited weight loss support and many more weight loss guides, tools and information.

Will this program work for both men and women?燳our Personalized Weight Loss Program is a safe and natural way to lose weight and maintain your weight loss permanently for either men or women of all ages. We also offer unlimited weight loss support!I am very busy and I hardly have time to get to the gym to exercise.?

Will this program work for me??br />
You don't need to go to the gym to exercise. Your program also includes a personalized fitness plan where you will be able to choose your own activities and the exact amount of time for each activity based on the information you provide us with. You will be able to do the activities easily right from your own home.?We also offer simple walking and beginner weight training routines in our Members Area.

How long will my program last??br />
Your program is made to last forever and there are never any monthly or additional fees no matter how often you use our services or support!I have a problem with my waistline.?

How do I slim down specific areas of my body??br />
Your program also includes special target zoning routines located in the Members Area for all the major body parts for accelerated weight loss in a specific area so you can get the results you want quickly.I only need to lose 10 pounds.?br />
Will this program still work for me??br />
Your Personalized Weight Loss program will work for anyone and everyone even if you are under weight because it is not a diet but a healthy way of eating and living.

Will I have to take pills or supplements??br />
We do not sell nor require you to take any pills or supplements with your program. Your program is completely natural.

I am a vegetarian.燙an you still design a weight program for me to follow??br />
Yes, we have special programs for vegetarians.Click Here for Your Free Weight Analysis
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