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Some risks associated with Lap Band Surgery Miami

If you are overweight, you should give priority to weight loss. Reducing extra weight is necessary, your extra bulges not just makes you look odd, but also adds various harmful diseases to your body like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain, high blood pressure etc.

The way to lead a fat free life is regular work out and a healthy eating habit. May be its traditional but it is the healthiest way to reduce weight and the process has no side effect. But most patients of obesity could not follow a healthy habit completely on their own, if you are one among them join a well-known Miami weight loss center now. Any recognized fitness center gives you a customized calorie-burning plan. A personalized fat reducing plan recommends you some exercise and diet plan, which exclusively meant for you and most obese people in Miami got the success of a customized weight loss plan. But if you notice that you are not burning fat instead of following every instruction of personalized weight loss program then consult with an experienced physician.

* If you have a BMI more than 35
* Failed with a medically supervised dietary plan for 2 years
* Have a history of obesity for more than 5 years

Then you probably need a weight loss surgery. Your concerning doctor confirms it based on some medical tests. There are some popular surgical techniques; Lap Band is one among these. Few medical tests determine whether this surgical technique will suit you or not.

Surgeons prefer this surgical over others because the process is quick, involves very less surgical injury, heals fast and gives you a fast recovery from obesity.

* Allergic reaction to the metal of the band
* Any disease in gland like thyroid
* Cardio pulmonary disease
* Inflammatory disease in the stomach
* And, addiction towards drugs and alcohol
restricts you from a Lap Band.

The concerning surgeon divides the stomach into a small upper part and a much larger lower part, and then he places a silicon band at the top portion of the stomach. The small upper part can hold very few amount of food at a time. So, after a Lap Band you get very less appetite, feel full with small amount of and thus lose weight faster.

There are some consequences of Lap Band surgery Miami,

* There's possibility of gastric perforation during the surgery
* After surgery you can get nausea and vomiting often
* The band may slip from the place
* The passage between the banded portion of stomach could get blocked
* Due to less eating you can grow mal nutrition

To avoid such situations you need to get your surgery done from a very professional place and it not only means experienced surgeons, but also a good service you need. After and before the surgery you need a proper care, which makes your post surgery period a hassle free one.

* You need a complete liquid diet after few weeks of the surgery, then slowly shift to semi solid food and at last to solid food.

* Do not think about traveling a long distance just after the surgery
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