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How does one achieve and maintain weight loss?

In sport, a well-known saying runs into something like: It is more important to remain number one than becoming one. Unfortunately, for many of us who are constantly worried about weight loss, the same applies.This of course, is not to suggest that losing weight is easy. It is only to suggest that the second part, the more important one, is the more difficult of the two!

Why is maintaining weight loss important?

We saw that losing weight is easier than maintaining the loss. Why? Because to lose weight; we would have put in a lot of effort in the form of exercise and dieting. In the course of doing this; we would have pushed ourselves to work beyond what our bodies are capable of. Once the efforts stop; we are bound to come back to where we were.

This negates the very goal that we sought to achieve with all our efforts. If we are at the optimal weight and BMI ratio for one year and off the mark for ten, there is no purpose in any effort. Moreover, seesawing between slimness and obesity is thought to have dangerous effects on the body.

Never give up on old habits

Once you have embarked on an arduous plan for weight loss; it is important not to lose the momentum. Start getting back to your normal eating, but gradually, over a period of time. Rather than rush for food like an alcoholic who runs for his bottle after a period of sobriety; taper and tone your consumption. Increase your intake by small quantities, instead of binging.

Same goes for exercise, too

You may have felt that heavy exercising may have drained the life out of you. It is natural to feel that way when you are both exercising and dieting at the same time. Now that you have reached your goal, make sure you don't give up on exercising. Just start relaxing a bit, one day at a time. Make your abdomen exercises a little less rigorous, but never give up because you came to your desired weight.

Don't forget to implement those small informal bits of work that contribute a great deal to your weight loss in subtle ways. Never give up taking the stairs instead of the lift. Take a long walk back to your car from your office. And make sure you mow your lawn each weekend. Remember that like life, weight loss is not a destination we arriveat. It is a journey we have to travel for all our lives.
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