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Muffin Top-How To Get Rid Of Yours

Listen ladies (and gentlemen), giving it a cute name doesn’t make it cute. We all know what the muffin top is- and it is not cute and adorable. It doesn’t look like a tasty, bakery treat item. So, let’s call it what it really is: a wad of fat that oozed and squeezed up over your too tight jeans or other pants and has settled, like a doughy ring around your waistband. If that didn’t make you want to get rid of muffin top once and for all, then it might be that nothing ever will!

The easiest way to get rid of muffin top, the way that involves no dieting and no exercise at all is to get bigger pants. That’s right! If you don’t want to put the effort into looking and feeling better, you don’t want to cut out the junk food, the salty snacks and the sodas, then simply go and get bigger sized pants, preferably some that have the higher waist band that comes up and covers your tummy completely. You know the ones; they call them “mom jeans” or for even more comfort and muffin top cloaking abilities, go with the really big, sweat pants. They won’t look good, but hey, they won’t look any worse than that muffin top, right?

To really get rid of muffin top, you have to understand why it happens. The jeans that you are wearing sit lower on your tummy, squeezing extra flesh up and out over the waistband. If you don’t have the extra flesh, you don’t end up with the muffin top, pure and simple. Losing a few pounds can be helpful, but that can be easier said than done, especially in the case of the weight around your middle section. Study after study has found that mid section weight is the absolute hardest to get rid of and the most dangerous for your heart and other vital organs.

The first step then to get rid of muffin top is to reduce some of your calories, taking great care not to cut back too dramatically or too quickly or you will sabotage all of your efforts. Next, it is time to kick start your exercise routine including some cardio, some strength training and some stomach carving and waist whittling toning exercises as well. At this time, you will also want to identify all of the foods and beverages that cause bloating for you, because that can be an additional issue causing the over all muffin top effect.

Finally, after you start losing weight, you will want to take one more additional step toward your efforts to get rid of muffin top: evaluate your clothes. Sometimes even the thinnest person can have some semblance of muffin top or other body conditions that has nothing to do with their own figure. If you look pretty fit and fabulous without clothes but look flabby and chubby with them on, it might be the clothes and the way they are styled and not you at all.

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