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Lose Weight Without Trying By Loving Yourself Slim

Lose Weight Without Trying By Loving Yourself Slim

I think just about any dieter would like to know how to lose weight without trying and the funny thing is, it is totally possible because sometimes 'trying too hard' at weight loss is just about the worse thing you can do.

I'm sure you can relate to those times when you start to get obsessed about eating the right amount of food and exercising enough. Before long, de-motivation and desperation start to take over and soon have you reaching for the biscuit tin. So if trying too hard isn't the answer, what can you do instead?

Well how about 'loving yourself slim' - in my opinion, one of the greatest tools for successful weight loss and letting go of the diet obsession that isn't getting you the results you want and here is why...

Whatever you focus on both consciously and subconsciously, you attract into your life so if your thoughts are based on feeling fat, feeling like a failure and hating certain body parts, you are just going to attract more of the same. On the opposite end of the scale, if you focus on appreciating your body, right where you are now and speak lovingly about it and are grateful for all the good parts then you will be attracting something very different.

You see, to lose weight without trying too hard really is more about your state of mind than anything else so you need to make up your mind today that you are going to change it. When you start to 'love yourself slim', you also start to care about how you treat your body so making the right choices becomes effortless and everything starts to flow in the right direction. It just doesn't make sense to love and care about your body yet fill yourself with junk food everyday. Your actions will soon start to become aligned with your thoughts.

Want to try this for yourself? Well, they say it takes 21 days to create new habits so practice the following every day for at least the next 21 days and you will soon start to see changes in the right direction.

Be grateful for your body everyday

Place your hands on each part of you and say 'I love you, thank you for....' - think of something great that the part does for you to keep you healthy and strong and moving each day. Even better, start your day with that exercise and end the day by writing a list of 5-10 things that you are grateful for when it comes to your body and how it has helped you through the day.

If at first, this seems hard, it is because you have spent so many years doing the opposite and this seems like a huge shift for you. Even if you start by appreciating 1 or 2 parts of you each day and gradually build up so that you include more and more parts as time goes on, you will reap the benefits.

This may seem simple but how many of us actually take to time to love and appreciate our bodies for all the wonderful things that they do for us. If you want to lose weight without trying and learn how to become slim the natural way, you need to start with the mind before you see changes in your body. It really is possible to 'love yourself slim', just make a commitment to do it from today and you will start to see some great results very soon.

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