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How To Lose Weight And Drop A Dress Size Quickly

How to Lose Weight And Drop A Dress Size Quickly

Why is there a dire need for a quick drop in your dress size? Perhaps, there is a special event and your favorite dress has to fit you. But at the moment, you cannot zip it up so you have to get rid of a few pounds in a hurry. This is a big challenge since it is not really easy to lose weight fast. Losing weight will require hard work, determination and sacrifice.

There are some people, especially ladies, who use starvation to lose weight quickly. But this is not the right approach. Instead, there are some good lifestyle changes to lose weight and these can work best for people who want to lose weight quickly but effectively. Let us look into these tricks and see how it can bring down your dress size.

Moderation not Starvation

Many tend to starve themselves because they think that this is the most effective method to lose unwanted fats. This is a fallacy because the opposite tends to happen when you resort to starvation. With starvation, the body will hold on to the stored fats and your metabolism will slow down. Instead of starving yourself, try to eat small frequent meals. This will keep your metabolism right.

No skipping breakfast

Ensure that you have a breakfast of low calorie foods every morning. This is the most important meal of the day and skipping it will make you overeat during the day. You will eat heavier meals at a time when it is hard to burn calories. Have a healthy breakfast consisting of oatmeal and eggs – very low in calories.

Right choice of food

Making the right choice of foods can make a big difference. Instead of eating cakes and pizzas, you can snack with on an apple or a serving of grapes. Instead of drinking soda, processed fruit juice or energy drinks, be content with iced water. Choose chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables which will help in regulating the level of blood sugar. This will aid in control of cravings for food.


Some people hate the thought of exercise. The great news if you are keen on learning how to lose weight fast is you don’t need to get involved in tough exercise regimens, but only need to incorporate some form of exercise in your daily routine. If your daily timetable does not allow you to go to gym, then you just need to make sure you move your body constantly by doing your home chores, walking to the grocery etc. This will be enough for you.

If you follow the advice mentioned above, you can lose 5 to 10 kg of weight in 2 to 3 months’ time. And to tell you the truth, this is the quickest that your healthy weight loss regime can become.

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