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Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Be Realistic!

Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss: Be Realistic!

Okay, you have decided that if you are going to be happy with yourself you had better shed some pounds. So, what is your plan for weight loss this time? Are you going to hit the gym and give up fried foods for a while and magically lose fifty pounds? That’s an ingredient for failure. Can you really just shut off the cravings for fatty and sugary foods just like that? Or, will you succeed only revert right back to your old habits because you failed to learn the major key to permanent weight loss. Do you want to know what the best diet plan for weight loss is?

Okay, here it is: stop dieting a$$ hole! I know, that’s a little abrupt, but I want to make a point here! Stick with me!! If you are more than twenty pounds overweight, you will never permanently lose it, and I mean forever, unless you stop the yo-yo dieting, and just replace unhealthy eating habits with a sensible healthy eating plan.

Ninety percent of dieters fail because they have exaggerated expectations about their weight loss plan. They expect to lose lots of weight right from the beginning, and when they don’t, they get frustrated and give up. Too many people are trying to focus on losing thirty or more pounds all at once. The best diet plan for weight loss is to break it up into small manageable goals, and be realistic!.

If you are going to pursue another attempt at weight loss, please do yourself a favor and don’t fall for the hype. There is no magic pill, no miracle weight loss food, no incredible weight loss exercise equipment that will give you eight pack abs, and no ten minute turbo exercise plan that will burn fat off forever! The only long term weight loss you can achieve is that which comes from teaching yourself to eat a healthy diet of lean proteins, natural carbohydrates, and healthy fats, and in the proper portions. It is very easy once you know how!

Franz is talking from experience here! I have been where a lot of people have been: young, married, settled in, and overweight. A picture taken in Hawaii revealed a major problem. Franz was headed for obesity eating meals like a whole six meat pizza at one sitting. No veggies, just processed carbs and unhealthy fats. Franz’s idea of nutrition was to take vitamins. One day it clicked that unless a change was made, poor health was in Franz’s future.

Franz decided to give up all the unhealthy foods and eat from natures table, to set a realistic goal of losing one to two pounds of fat a week, to start exercising again (cycling and running), eating five smaller meals a day, and to learn what all those bad foods were actually doing to my body. Once you know what making poor food choices will do to your body, why would you continue to make those choices? If you knew that continuing to eat dead foods could possibly lead to cancer, would you continue to eat them? I sure hope not!! I did not want to eat dead food any more!

What Franz proposes is not the next popular diet fad! Those diets are a huge money making scam for some person or company that wants to flood the market with the next diet gimmick. All I am talking about is eating the right kinds of foods, ones that are in the grocery store, getting some exercise, the kind that you enjoy doing, and setting a realistic goal of one or two pounds of weight loss each week. Do that till you get to your goal weight, and then keep eating healthfully, and you will never have to diet again!

Trust Franz! The best diet plan for weight loss is to choose realistic weight loss goals, eat only healthy foods, and you will feel so much better and have a higher chance of living life fit, and disease free.

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