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Cardio Alternative ? How About A Battle Rope

Cardio Alternative ? How About A Battle Rope

Oh cardio its a love/hate relationship isn't it ? After a good 60-90 min of working out sometimes jumping and the treadmill or elliptical for another 30-45 minutes just isn't appealing. Or sometimes just hitting the gym for any kind of workout or cardio isn't going to happen . Well I have an awesome cardio alternative for you to change things up and its THE BATTLE ROPE That's right the days of just using a rope for rope climbs are over ready for a different style of high intensity workout and cardio lets take a look at the battle rope and why its a good cardio alternative .


We can credit a gentleman by the name of John Brookfield for developing this training style. John is known in the strength and fitness realm with his amazing feats of strength and endurance holding many world records . He developed this training for himself initially to improve his on strength and stamina then introducing it to the world.


Typically a battle rope is 25-50 feet in length anywhere from 1-2 inches thick and weight varying by length and thickness . First thing we need to do is find a place to anchor the rope. You can wrap it around a pole, around a heavy dumbbells or kettlebell. Then Standing with your feet about shoulder length apart bending the knees slightly pick up the ends of the rope in each hand . Then start alternating hands going up and down making rippling waves. You have your basic waive exercise some many variations can be performed with the battle rope I wont list them today just want to give you the basic concept and why you should be including the battle rope in your routine .


Battle Ropes are excellent for hiit training Full Body workouts that can engage your legs your core and your upper body depending on how you are performing your battle rope. High intensity interval training with battle ropes are a very effective style of workout that elevates your heart with high intensity intervals then a rest period . This is continued for anywhere from 15-30 minutes or longer . Short but very effective in a half hour depending on how hard you are pushing yourself you can burn 300-500 calories . Doing this with a battle rope you will see your heart rate will increase very quickly . Another reason hiit training is effective is because of what we call the after burn . Your metabolism will speed up and continue to burn calories for the next 24-36 hours . Battle ropes will turn you into a fat burning machine while resting sleeping or at work.


Battle Ropes are so easy on the joints its very low impact. Conditioning is usually with legs running walking on treadmill, bike or elliptical. All this can take a toll on the knees I know mine hurt a lot from years of football and heavy squats . With battle ropes your upper body is creating the conditioning how cool and different is that .


Who really wants to spend another hour at the gym doing cardio after a weight training session ? Or maybe you just don't have the time to get a full workout in period . A very effective workout with a battle rope can be as quick as a 15-20 minute workout . Trust me if you are pushing yourself hard a minute of waving your heart will be going a 100 miles an hour your upper body is gonna be burning with lactic acid you may wanna cry I have ha.


You can take the rope anywhere and use it. Most gym carry a battle rope now a days . If you have your own use your garage take it to the backyard a park take it to the beach anywhere . I love when I can be outside and get a great workout it such a good feeling sucking in that natural air.


Battle Ropes are a great cardio alternative with a simple piece of equipment . A full body strength and stamina builder in less time than traditional cardio workouts. We all need change in our routines and this is one of those changes I highly recommend to amp up your cardio. Give it a try you wont regret it you may hate me a minute in but its well worth it.

Success is earned by YOU. Build that mindset and GO GET IT !



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