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Toning Exercises For Women

Toning Exercises for Women

Withing this article, I want to help you get the best exercises possible for you. This article is called toning exercises for women. I will show you how to plan your routine and give you some of the best known toning exercises for you to begin with. As always please feel free to comment and to contribute to this article. And if you do find it helpful then please share it with the people who you think would benefit from it. Let us begin

Planning is crucial

Ladies you need to plan your routines well, bad planning will lead to no results at all. There is no point rushing into doing a routine and you don;t even know what it's going to do for you. You should be exercising each day for around 20-30 minutes at the most. Remember to take breaks in between workouts to get some air in your body, also take in liquid to get some energy.

Here is a quick example of a routine of the top of my head you could use

Mondays :Work Shoulders work you back on Mondays

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Abs workout also your arms

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Work those Legs and those thighs

Saturday: Rest

Sunday Jogging

Below I will now list some exercises for each region for you to use in your workouts, if you are not sure on how they work you could always type them into youtube and watch a video of how they are performed properly.

Arms these exercises are great,

Bicep Curl

Hammer Curl

Overhead Triceps Extension

Cross Chest Extension

We will now move onto the abs region


Bicycle Crunche

The Toe Touche

The Side Crunche

Proper full Sit-Ups

The Knee Bends

Alternate Heel Touches

The scissor Kicks

Now for the leg region


Reverse lunge

Stiff leg dead lifts

These are just a few of the exercises you could use to help you tone your body. There are so many out there, try to go with the ones you feel comfortable with and are able to do. Also when doing this exercises it is pretty important that you take on board a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Doing the basic press up is a great way to start toning your arms and your chest. There is a fantastic app for the Iphone called a 100 press ups I recommend buying it as it will remind you and keep a log of what you have achieved. I also suggest looking up videos on youtube. You can find absolute diamond videos on their instead of buying those workout dvds.

Once again thank you for reading my article on toning exercises for women. I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to contribute in anyway you can.

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