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Shake Your Booty: Shaking Things Up With Brazilian Dance

Shake Your Booty: Shaking Things Up With Brazilian Dance

Brazilian dance is a great way to get moving and learn how to shake your booty. Many people these days have the feeling their lives are stale and are looking for ways to develop and grow. The economic climate doesn't help and it's hard to stay motivated. If you've read any positive thinking or motivational books then you'll know that the most important thing is that to get psychological movement you need to get physical movement going first. Physiology is everything from the meaning we attach to things to how we feel about ourselves. Just take a moment to stand up tall and breathe deeply. Feel any different? Take a walk around the block or jump up and down on a small trampoline 100 times to change your physiology. Try it! Physical movement helps our bodies find the posture of power. That alone will help improve your mood and outlook.

Physical exercise produces the same results quicker so it helps to find a reason to workout. How about the fact that you'll lose weight? The endorphins released will actually make you feel happy! Is that a good enough reason? Not everyone, however, has the discipline or the disposition to go out in all weathers to run or to go to the gym regularly. If that’s the case for you then you really need to find something that makes you want to exercise. That’s where Brazilian dance comes in.

Brazilian dance can be a partner dance, just like most other forms of formal dance, but Samba offers the opportunity to dance on your own. If you take a look at any footage of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro you'll see that solo dancing of this kind doesn’t preclude the opportunity to dance with a partner. There are plenty of examples of men dancing with ladies in the carnival but solo dancing does allow a much greater scope for freedom and expression than more traditional lead-and-follow partner dancing.

The moves are pretty intuitive too! There's a lot of hip gyrating and booty shaking which makes it a vibrant dance to watch. It's reminiscent of the African frenzied type of dancing associated with religiuos rites where it has its roots. This isn't an accident as it arrived in South America through the African slave trade. We can benefit from the rising popularity of dance as a form of social activity and exercise because dance clubs and classes are springing up everywhere. A class may cost a bit but if you average it out over the number of weeks you're rarely paying much for the tuition - and the great social life that goes with it.

If you've got a busy schedule then a learn-at-home Samba based alternative workout that doesn’t need any previous knowledge of dance may be more appropriate for you. As long as you've got a small space available for dancing and a small mirror to admire your moves then you've got everything you need to get started. Even if you only enjoy the music and the beat in the privacy of your own home you’ll reap the rewards of feeling active, energetic, healthy and happy. When you shake your booty you’ll discover the joys of Brazilian dance.

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