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How Can I Lose Weight?

I have put together a very simple meal plan which has produced great results for many people!

You asked 'how can I lose weight?' You can lose weight by using the same plan.

Like everyone who has had issues with their weight I had tried a million and one quick fix diets only to put on weight afterwards. I decided this time to really look into how can I lose weight properly with no gimmicks, no hype and no B.S.

The primary food which induces weight gain is sugar. The main problem fo everyone is that sugar actually crops up in all sorts of places that you might not expect. All carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, rice,pasta) are in fact sugar. They are just in a more complex form. By the time these foods reach your blood stream they have turned to sugar. Almost all ready made foods have added sugar. Tinned foods, processed foods and even in supposedly healthy foods like cereals.

I didn't listen to any of the media hype diet nonsense. I just thought to myself ‘how can I lose weight sensibly and for the long term?’ I thought about what my body needs and put together a really simple meal plan. I made sure the meals were incredibly easy to make, tasty, and fast.

It all boiled down to simple nutrition. By eating for long term health you actually lose weight at steady, healthy rate and keep it off for good. I had never managed to keep weight off in the past. Some times I had partially succeeded in following a strict regime only to stop and then put the weight on afterwards. I think everyone knows how that feels.

Getting rid of sugary foods was absolutely the best answer to "How can I lose weight quickly and sensibly?" I had to to be careful of what I ate because our naughty food manufacturers have added sugar to just about everything. Not only that, other additives and preservatives can be preventative to weight loss too. It’s no surprise then that so many people are getting fat and struggling to get rid of the weight. Our foods are packed with sugar and additives which make us fat and people don’t even realise it. 

I concluded that really its all about eating natural foods. Don’t eat any kind of processed or prepackaged food. And don’t eat carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, bread and pasta. My meal plan consist of simple ingredients like chicken, pork, fish, or steak with a lot of vegetables. Almost all meals are finished off with a piece of fruit afterwards. Basically the best way to lose weight is just stop eating anything that has been processed. That was the simple answer to ‘how can I lose weight’. I took out all the sugary bad foods and put together a selection of natural foods that you can truly enjoy and still lose weight. They are fully nutritious and will fill you up too.

Get my how can I lose weight meal plan available today!

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