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Get Thin

Get Thin

I always hated being overweight but it seemed nearly impossible to me to go for exercise to get rid of one of my biggest disadvantage in life. I never believed that someone that much fat like me could become skinny and smart by just exercises. It was several months back when I was 120kg and 5’8” height. I often saw fat guys and girls doing jogging and exercise on jogging track. They seemed foolish to me. I always thought that they are wasting their time and that no one could lose weight or become smart without taking drugs and pills.

My Dream

I always wanted to dress like all other friends of mine did. But I couldn’t and you know the reason why it was like that! I sometimes got frustrated and embarrassed because of inferiority complex. I always blamed God for giving me such a body. But actually it was my fault because when I became sincere with my body I got very easily what I wanted.

Shortcuts Are Risky

Anyways, one day when I was just having drink with my friends, when we saw a guy who lived in our area and had disappeared for a couple of months. He was at least 30 to35 kg extra when last time I saw him. This time he was amazingly thin and was wearing tight T-shirt and jeans. I was shocked to see him and naturally approached him and asked him the secret behind all that. He never told me truly what he used actually. That day he just told me that he had used a stomach reducing belt and took some pills and offered me if I was interested in that stuff or his so called package. Of course I found a shortcut and with a living proof. I paid him without hesitation as I knew him for a long time. Eventually he never gave me the stuff or money back. After a few months we heard that the guy died of heart failure. We were informed that it had been because of the medicines and drugs that he had used.

Now I was left only with one choice which was to reduce my weight through exercise. I’m thankful to a sincere coach who made me work very hard and do exercise for at least 2 to3 hours a day and five days a week. I did just jogging and abs exercise. Two out of five days I did a little work out in the gym with very little weight for 1 hour.

How Did I Get Thin?

After several months I became what I had always wanted to be. I became thin, skinny and smart. All you have to do is to have courage and just take a start. It’s not easy of course but not impossible also.

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