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The Proper Food Is Half Of Success

The Proper Food is Half Of Success

Good eating is not difficult, but how to choose the right food or meal, it is completely a different story. Learn about eating plan for some common examples of life.

1. During the long cycling tour: - Eat dried fruit - raisins, apple slices, dates, nuts, energy tiles with low-fat and figs. - When is the right time to eat them? Before the next cycling ascent.

- Why? To keep you at the highest energy level. Ideal for this are protein bars and dried fruits. They contain little fat and a lot of carbohydrates and enough proteins.

- Avoid foods with a larger volume of fiber, such as lettuce, watermelon, seeds and fruits (e.g. strawberries). Your stomach needs a large amounts of blood for processing this kind of food, and the worst thing is that it draws the blood and energy from the muscles, which you need to make the utmost efforts and therefore, each push of the pedal is harder and harder.

2. When you are in the office, but there is no time for lunch: - Eat small meals and in between, have a snack.

- For breakfast enjoy a slice of bread with fruit spread (which contain more fruit and less sugar than jam), and a cup of cereals with less fat milk.

- Two hours later, eat a piece of cheese or a banana and two hours later an orange and a handful of nuts. - When? Stick to this rhythm of eating on every two hours all day (during work) in small amounts.

- Why? If you eat small meals, the level of blood sugar and insulin are almost unchanged. Both can prevent a sudden drop in your productivity.

- Avoid excessive amounts of protein without carbohydrates for a counterweight. Your brain needs an immediate fuel.

3. Before the match or (sports) contest: - Eat 200 grams of pasta and 50 grams of meat balls, a small salad with light dressing and a slice of rye bread. - When? Approximately three hours before the contest.

- Why? The ratio of 55 % carbohydrates, 25 % fat and 20 % of protein is the best combination that provides immediate energy and long-term durability, even after the game time has expired.

- Avoid high-fat meals, which slow down a digestion and therefore takes all your energy.

4. After Training or Workout: - Eat an energy bar or drink a small smoothie, which contains carbohydrates and protein in the ratio of 4:1. - When? After the last exercise repetition.

- Why? Minutes after the exercise is the best time to refill the carbohydrate reserves. Carbohydrates and proteins, in the ratio 4:1, pushes production of insulin, which also promotes protein synthesis and improves muscle recovery.

- Avoid high-energy protein shakes. One such protein bomb has about 1500 calories and makes you fat, even though you have just burned 1000 calories during the workout.

5. Before the Marathon: - Are you feeling tensed and have no appetite? Then you should follow the program of Kenyan long distance runners: eat some macadamia nuts.

- When: Half an hour before the start.

- Why: Nuts are a good source of unsaturated fatty acids, which slow down digestion and lead to longer-lasting carbohydrate sources of energy.

- Avoid foods that are rich in fiber, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time squatting in the bushes :)

Here I have mentioned just simple examples when it comes to eating habits. It happens so many times, that people don't know what to eat before, during or after the certain activity. But consuming food is very important. I would say that our success depends not just half of eating habits, but sometimes the figure goes to 70 % or even more. So, my advice is that you maintain your eating plan, start consuming food responsibly and create yourself a monthly list of meals and snacks.

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