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Wedding Coming Up? Want To Lose Belly Fat?

Wedding Coming Up? Want to Lose Belly Fat?

Sometimes we have a reason to look in the mirror. We are so heavy we are making dents in the lawn with our shoes which fill with water and attract mosquitoes . We want to push our self away from the table, but we can’t reach the table. We zip up our pants and they split in the bottom. The little brat next door says, “Why are you so fat?” And you have a wedding coming up so you make a note that says, “Wedding: Lose Fat.”

There is nothing like a big tummy to make a wedding dress look crummy. And maybe a cummerbund can not be found that will circle your round. Even your feet are fat, in your mind. You may even think your hair is fat. You think that you are fat, fat, FAT!

Some folks don’t mind being a “little heavy.” Some prefer it. Can you believe that? It is true. Some love to eat and don’t have the metabolism required to burn up the fat. Some say, burn up the calories. From the standpoint of one who has a Ph.D. in such things, you don’t burn calories. A calorie is a unit of heat like a BTU. When you burn something up, heat is given off which you can measure in calories.

O.K. No more science stuff.

Seriously, some do not want to change their eating habits nor do they want to exercise. They do not want to do the exact things they must do to reduce body fat.

I have mentioned in other articles that some fat you are not able see externally. It gathers around your vital organs and puts toxins into your system. The way I got rid of my Type II Diabetes was to eliminate fat from my diet which was blocking the C-cells that produce the insulin required to process the sugar. I still have to watch what I eat which is essentually no dairy products that contain milk. I won’t even drink skim milk which my brother designates as “foul.” I drink unadulterated almond milk.

If we have a wedding coming up, bride or groom, a member of the bridle party, or just a guest, maybe we would feel better if we lost a little weight and slimmed down. And isn’t that what it is all about; how you feel about yourself?

But there are other benefits to losing weight. If you lose that “ring around the belly,” you can sometimes get a promotion at work that you would have missed. That is sad but true. Or you might even get a new job that you would have been denied. These are decisions out of our control. We can’t control the acts of others, but we can improve such situations by taking charge ourselves.

So do you want to lose some belly fat? Do you want to do it quickly for that wedding? Then take action today. Now where is that note that says, “Wedding: lose fat?”

Have a Great Wedding!


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