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Does A Way To Hunger Free Weight Loss Exist?

Does A Way To Hunger Free Weight Loss Exist?

If you’ve read any of my articles on weight loss, you’ll probably remember that I advocate weight loss without hunger. This is achieved through a simple eating plan.

A while back I was participating in a forum where a number of people formed a support group to help each other lose weight. They naturally posted their successes and some temporary setbacks on their road to a slimmer “self.”

I made a post about how it was possible to lose considerable weight, as much as you want to lose actually, without the deprivation and stress of being hungry all the time. And I went on to give a brief explanation of how this could be done very easily by knowing how to select the right foods to eat.

I got a personal message (PM) from a lady who told me she was familiar with the process I was talking about, and that she knew it worked because she had tried it a while back. I answered back asking her when she was going to get started again so she could be at the top of her support group.

She replied that she was not ready to “make the commitment yet.”

I thought, why are you participating in a weight loss support group if you have no intention of being one of the contenders? But I didn’t press the point and just waited to see if she would engage. By the time I left the group she was still one of the bystanders…can’t lose weight that way!

You can’t be too critical of someone for hesitating to “make the commitment.” Most people associate deprivation, hunger, and psychological pain with the very thought of having to be on a diet. I certainly used to feel that way. All my adult life was a constant struggle to keep my weight in line.

I knew full well how difficult it would be to diet once again. So often times I put it off till it was unavoidable, unless I wanted to buy a whole new wardrobe.

That’s why it was such a feeling of relief, of joy, to discover that there was a way to lose weight easily and painlessly. And better yet, to discover that I could easily maintain my weight at the desired level without any effort.

That’s also why I have been trying to find a way to reach people’s minds to make them understand that the fear of suffering, of deprivation that they associate with weight loss was no longer necessary.

In this day and age, you don’t have to suffer to shed unwanted weight. All you need is a basic knowledge of how nature constructed your body, and a plan to make this knowledge work in your favor.

My discovery is not some “secret” that magically allows you to lose weight. At the core of it is the simple process of eating five to six small meals per day. But as the saying goes “the devil is in the details.” You have to know how to combine your food for best results.

In this short article, all I can do is make you aware that there is a pain free, stress free way of achieving you weight goals. But you won’t have to look far to find a full answer and full details.

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