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Best Vitamins & Supplements To Lose Weight

Best Vitamins & Supplements To Lose Weight

Everyday, there are new claims about a miracle pill, or product which, can help you lose weight. There are so many of these statements being made, it can become confusing as to just which one has been proven to help with weight loss, or, if the newest one has just been given enough air time with infomercials or advertorials.

I have listed a few of the top supplements, which, are often used in conjunction with healthy weight loss programs. They have a variety of different features and are recommended for specific target areas. Once you have decided what your end goal is, whether it be to lose weight, target losing inches, increase muscle tone, etc., decide which one of these supplements might be right for you and speak with your doctor to be sure they are suitable for your diet.

TONALIN – Also known as CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

  • CLA is naturally found in dairy products, meats, and, the fatty acid is derived from safflower oil.
  • CLA is used to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.
  • CLA does not contain any stimulants or thermogenics
  • Multiple studies show Tonalin has had proven effects for a higher percentage reduction in body fat vs. weight loss in pounds. This is due to the reduction in body fat, while increasing muscle retention. (Retention of lean muscle).

Suggested Dosage 1000mg pills at least 3 x per day with meals.


  • The most recent, most popular supplement to hit the market, featured by Dr. Oz.
  • Look for Green Coffee Extract WITH Chlorogenic Acid. The addition of the second ingredient makes the difference.
  • Trial participants lost 10% of their body fat
  • It causes the body to burn glucose, sugar and fat in the liver, slowing the release of the sugar into the bloodstream.
  • It works as an appetite suppressant, increases focus, and increases energy.

Suggested Dosage 800mg pills at least 3x per day with meals.

VITAMIN B – (B Complex or B12)

  • Vitamin B is one of the best natural vitamins to look for. And one to be sure you are getting enough of. This vitamin is essential to your overall health, as a B deficiency can lead to anemia, depression, fatigue and even mania. Being sure your body has it’s fill of Vitamin B, can help you stay healthy and can even help with weight loss.
  • Vitamin B12 can be found naturally in a variety of foods such as shellfish, liver, beef, cheese and eggs.
  • Vitamin B9 can be found in most dark leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, collard greens, and other vegetable such as asparagus.
  • The Vitamin B group increases metabolism which helps increase energy which aids in the weight loss process
  • The B Group is known to protect against Heart Disease, and is known to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Vitamin B is not a stimulant.
  • Vitamin B is a natural stress reducer

Check with your doctor as to whether B-Complex or B12 would be best for you.

Calcium Supplements

  • Calcium has actually been linked with weight loss. Studies suggest that 3 or 4 serving of low fat dairy can help increase your body’s metabolism and kick it into the fat burning stage. Low fat calcium is the key.
  • Calcium can be found in dark leafy vegetables, salmon, mackerel & oats
  • It can also be found in low fat cheese, milk and dairy products.
  • Consuming enough calcium may help trigger the body into burning fat more efficiently.
  • Studies show that the addition of calcium can help decrease belly fat, and build lean muscle.

The recommended Dosage is 1,000mg – 1,200mg for women and 1,000 -1,300 mg for men daily.

Green Tea Extract

  • Rich in antioxidants, this supplement has been proven to work by increasing your metabolism. Although it should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and fitness plan, it offers benefits, which could have long lasting effects.
  • It is a natural thermogenic, which helps speed up the metabolism.
  • It is known to suppress the appetite aiding in weight maintenance
  • The antioxidants it contains are known to help fight cancer cells
  • Green Tea helps control Sugar levels, reduces stress, improves the immune system and can help with headaches.

Recommended daily dosage is 300 mg per day

There are many vitamins and supplements which claim to help with weight loss, weight gain, muscle definition, stamina and metabolism. I want to list few things that you should keep in mind before starting any supplement program.

  1. Check with your doctor, ESPECIALLY if you are taking prescription medication. Many supplements, and even vitamins can have adverse reactions when mixed with certain medication. It is important that you have your doctor explain any risks involved with the addition of supplements into your diet.
  2. Most supplements can be found in foods naturally, so before taking them in pill form be sure that you are not already receiving the recommended amount via your diet choices.
  3. Stop taking any pills if you do not feel well, if you become dizzy, if you begin to have heart palpitations. Many natural supplements can have these effects.
  4. Be careful when mixing over the counter supplements and vitamins. Mixing these can also have adverse affects.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is above all the best way to improve your overall health and weight loss efforts.

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