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Eating A Lot Of Vegetables And Fruit Is Very Healthy, But What If We Dont Like Them?

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruit is very healthy, but what if we don\'t like them?

     Is it difficult for you to eat so many vegetables and fruit? I have a solution how to consume the daily basis of fruit and vegetables, without even making trouble to do it. I know sometimes vegetables or fruits are disgusting to eat, but we have to. There is no thing that could replace their vitamins and minerals. It is healthy and it gives us strength, because there are important nutrients in them. However, if you can make delicious, colorful, concentrated fragrant fruit or vegetable smoothies, everything becomes different. Drinking yummie smoothies is the easiest way to obtain the nutrients you need. If you have not already, try them. Very likely you will be pleasantly surprised.

Which smoothie suits you?

     The best way to make a smoothie is to begin experimenting with different vegetable and fruit combinations, and you will see, that you will start to love green vegetables and fruits, that you haven't even heard for. You can also make a party with smoothies. Invite some friends and experiment with them, try to get some tropical fruit that you haven't tried before or go to your garden and take some vegetables and put them into smoothie blender. Don't be afraid that you will do wrong by putting false ingredients in your drink. There is no mistakes when making healthy smoothies as long as there are vegetables, fruit or dairy products. 

The best way to lose weight and improve your mood

     I could say that "smoothiemania" has fall upon us, because a lot of people are making them these days. They are delicious drinks, that have a beneficial effect on our mood, they outwit our hunger and help us when we hardly control our weight. They are the easiest and natural substances when we are battling against weight problems, constipation and bloat. 

Green Smoothie is everything you need

     One of the most powerful and healthiest smoothies is the Green one. We grind just one kind of leafy vegetables in it. We can use everything - from spinach, lettuce, kohlrabi leaves, fennel, parsley, carrots, herbs, wild green plants, and more. We add one or more kinds of fruit. To provide a creamy structure, we need a banana, pear, mango or we can add the seasonal fruit that we have at hand. We pour with water, add a little ice or frozen fruit and grind. We consume most of the healthy “greener” stuff, if we drink it right away. However, you can also store the smoothie in a bottle and put it in the fridge and then take it to work or have it for lunch. Usually children doesn't like them from the start, so I recommend to prepare them a Chocolate smoothie.

Chocolate smoothie (ingredients for 250 ml): 1 banana, 1.5 dl of almond or hazelnut milk, 3 separated dates, prematurely soaked in water for several hours, one teaspoon of cocoa beans or raw cocoa powder. Preparation: Cut dates and banana into pieces. Give all ingredients in a blender and grind them. If the smoothie is too thick, add a little milk and mix it briefly again.

"Green" Monday Menu Ideas

     I recommend that you make a healthy meal day every Monday, so that you can have nutritious eating plan at least once a week. Why monday? Because throughout the weekend everybody probably sinned by eating a lot of carbs and fast food or unhealthy food. Monday is the day you start a week all over again, so this is the perfect beginning for your body to recharge.

Breakfast: Carrot, whole-grain bread with apricot jam and a cup of cereal coffee with soy milk.

Lunch: Sweet-sour tofu with vegetables, cooked rice, kale salad with avocado sauce and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: Potato salad with arugula and pumpkin roll.

Make an eating plan

     If you make an eating plan in advance, you will have no troubles what to eat and thinking what is healthy for you or not. I would really recommend that you include healthy fresh smoothies from time to time. They can even replace some of the meals during the day. It is even better if you include smoothies for breakfast every day. Make your own smoothie recipes that you like, or that your children would love, so that you are prepared in advance. The good thing about smoothies is that you can put them in the fridge and they will wait there for the next day, especially for breakfast time. If you have trouble to get the right ingredients, do experiment or have frozen vegetables and fruit in the ice box, so that you have the main ingredients at home all the time.

Drinking smoothies is the best way also to lose weight and stay healthy. I know that some of the ingredients are not good to taste, especially vegetables, but you can make your own smoothie, with healthy ingredients as well. If you make a delicious fruit smoothie, that tastes really good, why don't you put some cauliflower or spinach in it. You won't even taste it, but it will do good for your blood circulation, you won't be constipated and you will stay healthy, what is most important.

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