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Mediterranean Diet Foods - Be Healthy Chic NOT Skinny Sick

Mediterranean Diet Foods  -  Be Healthy Chic NOT Skinny Sick

Now that summer is here so is the new body trend code! The fashion of the healthy shape body is back again and this time it is here to stay! So, all of us supporters of good health, can shout: Be Healthy Chic NOT Skinny Sick!

After years and years of the fashion industry ignoring the example provided to all women around the world and threatening their models of not having a carrier if not ultra skinny, the problem has taken on very serious dimensions and action needs to be taken.

Anorexia numbers statistics

Although fashion industry is not fully to blame, numbers ought to be taken into consideration. Many young women suffer from this difficult eating disorder in our days and their families from disappointment not knowing how to deal with it. 75% of young women believe that fashion is one of the most important things in their lives and follow blindly every upcoming trend. Models are the leading examples of fashion. Today the skinny trend shows to a very large number of unhealthy anorexic models and to an even scarier number of young girls and women facing anorexia nervosa.

Health Institutes and studies in Universities worldwide prove that more than 8 million Americans (7 million women and 1 million men) suffer from this dangerous psychological illness. Almost half of all Americans know personally someone facing an eating disorder. The rate of mortality among people with anorexia nervosa is 12 times higher than the mortality rate for all other causes of death among female girls between 15 and 24 years of age.

"The Health Initiative" - The greatest Fashion Industry Institutes take action

The Council of Fashion Designers of America in USA, the British Fashion Council in Great Britain and the Vogue magazine, in all 19 countries where issued, have finally recognized the part of responsibility that the world of fashion holds and decided to take action. "The Health Initiative", as called has banned all ultra thin models and underaged girls from runway shows and advertisements and decided to co-operate from now on only with models that have a healthy figure and could be followed as a healthy example by all young women. And just like that the fashion of the healthy shape body is adopted again, together with all the positive messages and health wellness tips for women.

Fashion is creation and an inspiration source for so many women and it should be followed to the extend of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories trends but not as body trend when that becomes dangerous for our health.

Mediterranean Diet Foods - Be healthy chic NOT skinny sick

Mediterranean Diet has always supported the fashion of a healthy shape body and thus can help people get back their beautiful and sexy body with nourishing advice and tasty recipes apart from helping with obesity and weight loss. Foods tagged as healthy weight loss foods are not only for losing weight and we should not be confused about that. Their little secrets can help us protect our good health and improve our body regardless of the problem we are facing. Being skinny does not mean being happy. In fact, according to medical records it means that this kind of person will eventually become ill. Any eating disorder is a significant issue for any person experiencing it and really difficult to overcome. So, if you are among the people knowing someone facing anorexia, don't lose any more time. Try to convince them to be healthy chic NOT skinny sick and stand by them. Your support is the greatest possible help.

We are what we eat and our health is the most important thing in life.

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