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Losing Weight Without Dieting - Why Its Best For Permanent Results

Losing Weight Without Dieting   -   Why Its Best for Permanent Results

So many people are now looking at ways of losing weight without dieting and I can't say I blame them. People are finally getting tired of fad diets that don't work in the long term and are researching different approaches that will help them to become slim naturally without the struggle.

So why is losing weight without dieting the best way? To answer this, we need to go back several decades to a time before dieting became main-stream. Obesity is a relatively new thing compared to the hundreds of thousands of years that we have been around and certainly when I was growing up in the 70s, dieting wasn't very common and as a teenager in the 80s, we were maybe a little conscious of our weight but not to the extent that young people are now and we certainly didn't turn to dieting as a way of life.

At school we had a few obese children but nothing like the obesity epidemic we have today - so what has changed over the years to make people struggle so much?

The main thing is the boom in the diet industry. We went from using food as fuel and regular meal times to becoming food, calorie, fat and image obsessed. The world today is obsessed with dieting and food has become a central focus for many of us who are frantically counting every morsel that passes our lips!

What's more, we have also been bombarded with fake 'diet food' - processed, low nutrient food that has had everything natural sucked out of it and replaced with chemicals, sugars and artificial sweeteners that are having a devastating effect on our waistlines and our health. Due to most diet programs dictating what and when we can eat, we have forgotten what it is like to tune into our body's natural signals and rely on our own intuition to know what is best for us.

No wonder it has gotten so hard for so many of us to become slim naturally and this is why we are looking to return to the natural approach of losing weight without dieting for long term results. So why is this the best way?

Our bodies are complex and require a whole host of natural chemicals to maintain optimum health and energy. By listening to our bodies and tuning into our natural hunger and satisfaction signals, we can start to trust ourselves again to know what our bodies need at any one time.

Once we start this process, we soon discover that the processed carbohydrates and fake diet food no longer make us feel good and by making different choices we quickly start to see positive changes and we start to become slim naturally and permanently - just as we were supposed to be before the diet industry took over our lives.

So what are some of the simple ways that you can start losing weight without dieting - starting right now?

I would start by tuning into your body more. Start listening out for when you are genuinely hungry and when you are, have some high quality, wholesome food that is going to provide you with the energy you deserve. Make sure you choose foods that are natural, higher protein and contain a moderate amount of good fats. You will be amazed at the difference in your energy levels once you start making these choices.

I would also suggest you stop eating when you are satisfied. This means that you stop over-stuffing yourself and stop eating when your hunger has gone away. Simple but effective and once you have learned to ditch the diet mentality, you will realise that there is no need to over-stuff as you can eat whenever you feel hungry and therefore stop feeling deprived.

After being on diets myself for so many years, I totally understand how hard it can be but I also know how liberating it is to let go of the diet mentality and try this different approach. Losing weight without dieting really is the only way forward in my opinion. I have seen so many people let go of the struggle and learn how to become slim naturally, boosting their energy levels and loving their bodies again - isn't it about time that you did too?

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