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Best Things About Turbofire Workout

Best Things About Turbofire Workout

TurboFire is a workout program created by a famous fitness expert Chalene Johnson. She has also created some other well-known programs like TurboJam, TurboKick and ChaLean Extreme. This workout program promises that you will burn 9 times as much calories as you would when you were doing traditional cardio. I have tried this program myself , so in this article I want to describe the best things about the TurboFire workout.


Music is THAT thing, that keeps you interested and motivated. It's the music which keeps me and everybody else moving. Music makes TurboFire workouts fun and enjoying. Talking about the music itself, it's to the last millisecond to match your every movement: every step, every punch, every kick and every jump. The playlist is precisely selected by Chalene Johnson herself. The playlist mixes various modern beats with some good oldies like “Play That Funky Music“, “Boom I Got Your Boyfriend“, “Rolling On The River“ and others. A lot of people like the line “Whose house? My house. Whose house? My house. Whose house? My house. You're in my house!“. However, workouts also feature songs that are mixed by one company. These songs are mostly played during the warm up and stretch periods. It's the music that keeps me returning every day.

Workout Variety and Effectiveness

To avoid plateaus, the first thing you want to do is to mix and consistently change your workouts. And that's what TurboFire offers. The program includes a wide range of workouts: from ones that last 10-15 minutes to ones that you almost survive (50-60 minutes). If you'd buy all bonuses, you would have even 17 classes! The workout schedule is designed very carefully so you will not only lose your weight, but you'll also get stronger and more flexible thanks to Stretch, Tone, Sculpt, Lower Body and Upper Body classes. You will see results even after one single week! Every time you will be able to do more and with greater range of motion and intensity.


TurboFire keeps you motivated all the time for sure! The secret in this is the class setting in that the workout is done. You see lots of people around you and you automatically want to push harder and do more than they do. Chalene Johnson keeps you motivated during the workout as well. You'll often hear the phrase: “You are not tired!“ which is used for a few times in every class. Chalene always reminds you that only intensity can bring results and it's damn true :) There is even a special DVD named Get Fired Up to increase your motivation and answer all main questions about the program itself.

With all the good things said, I have to mention that there is also a nutrition plan included, which explains you the basic rules Chalene wants you to stick with. This workout plan is a beast so make sure you don't miss the workouts and you'll see the results in no time!

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