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Latest Dieting Craze

latest dieting craze

Every day people from all over the world are struggling to lose weight and find that magic diet that will transform their body. With the newest weight loss product to hit the market impressive results and dieting have never been so easy.

I recently stumbled across a relative new comer to the diet industry. Strip That Fat has been quietly building up quite a reputation and a following for their unique approach to dieting. After reading a few testimonials and studying the latest research the company has published, I am convinced this unique approach to dieting will become the next weight loss craze.

Researching weight loss programs and dieting aids has become some what of a passion of mine. Like many weight loss seekers I have quite a grave yard of failed diet attempts. I am always on the look out for the next best diet, not only for my readers but for myself.

What I found unique about this latest dieting craze is actually Strip That Fats straight forward approach to achieving weight loss. When I critiqued this programs content I was pleasantly surprised to see the lack of intense workouts, unique foods and starvation techniques commonly found in many other prominent diet plans.

The core foundation of the latest craze to hit the diet industry is actually simplicity. Who would of thought simplicity would be the key to impressive weight loss results.

Strip That Fat promotes sound food selections and teaches participants how to use these food selections to manipulate their bodies metabolism into burning fat stores at a very accelerated rate. Here comes a unique twist. Treats are not discouraged on this diet. Treats are actually encouraged when consumed in accordance with the plans guidelines.

OK what's the catch!. Well there isn't one that I could find. The guidelines for enjoying a mocha and piece of cheese cake with friends is quite simple, eat your treat slowly and savor every bite. If that's all then sign me up!

The philosophy behind this diet's success is based on the key role the mind plays in weight loss. For any of you out there hat have tried a diet recently I don't need to tell you how mentally hard it can be to follow a diet plan 1 month into it. This unique diet recognizes the fact that it is nearly impossible to enjoy the company of friends and family when they are not participants on a weight loss plan. Their food selections are different from the foods that you need to be successful at weight loss and can stimulate cravings when you are required to stand by and not indulge.

The creators of this latest dieting craze strongly believe that if you satisfy your desire for some of your favorite foods you will feel content and the experience ends there. If you are continually denied foods that give you comfort this will only lead to the stimulation of cravings.

The creators of the program believe that traditional diets are restrictive when it comes to enjoying comfort foods. When the inevitable happens and you break from the traditional program to have a treat, this triggers a response which will usually end in the form of over eating. Guilt and a sense of failure brought on do to the traditional diets misconception and brain washing that a taste of the forbidden foods are a diets worst night mare.

While sound food selections are encouraged at all times on this weight loss program a treat now and again is not looked upon as a diet buster, but simply a well deserved break. This philosophical change from the traditional approach to stripping unwanted fat is refreshing and exciting for dieters.

What I also find appealing about Strip That Fat are the various levels of weight loss choices. You can either choose to try the rapid weight loss component where fast results of 14lbs in 14 days are said to be very achievable. If you would like a longer more controlled type of weight loss there is that option also.

There are no radical techniques or special foods. This program doesn't come with a high price tag and offers great support. To access more information you can use the highlighted words contained with in this article. Happy dieting.

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