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Advocare Spark Review - Energy Plus Nutrition Oh My!

Advocare Spark Review   -   Energy Plus Nutrition Oh My!

When it comes to having energy throughout the day you might be just like me.

Getting out of bed, getting off the couch, or even getting through the day may seem like minimal tasks but when you suffer from low energy or energy slumps they become huge chores.

Thanks to coffee and high sugar soft drinks this is no longer a problem...or so I thought.

Coffee and soda are nice and easy to get. A nice quick fix is hard to beat.

The problem is while they do give us that quick jolt we crave right when we wake up, they just are not that good for you and if we continue to pick these energy sources we will be putting a band-aid on a wound that will never go away.

A friend of mine told me about Advocare Spark.

He went on and on about it is the next greatest thing, better than those expensive 5 hour, 6 hour, 12 hour, how ever many hours they decide to put on the bottle, drinks.

I told him there is nothing that can possibly do what a 5hr or 2 does. I also told him that I would give it a shot but a bet would be made.

I purchased the Advocare Spark 14 pouch box for just under $23.

The price might seem scary however if you figure in the cost of coffee, sodas, and the pretty little 5hr drinks, $23 is easy to part with.

Spark came with 14 pouches of mixed flavors including grape, cherry, citrus, watermelon and more.

As I poured my first pouch into the water I looked over at the coffee maker and grinned.

The whole process took about a minute and 3 quarters of that was deciding which flavor I would like to start with.

"Take that!" I said to the loud and needy coffee maker. It was watermelon by the way.

The first day was great. I remember looking at the clock just before lunch and saying "man, no coffee, no soda and it is lunch time.

I mixed a drink at lunch and sat down. There was absolutely no energy slump at all the entire day.

The only real pain that day was my friend donning the same grin I had when me and my coffee maker stood off in the AM.

After about a week I began to realize there was something else going on aside from this new easy source of energy.

I felt great. I mean I really felt great.

I had to look at the box and see what this was all about...

I soon found out that AdvoCare Spark was way more than just some sugar high. 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Sugar free and only 45 calories. It also helps mental energy and focus.

10 days later I bought another box of Advocare Spark and made good on the bet with my friend.

A small price to pay.

The chains of soft drink loaded with sugar, coffee breath and teeth are now broken.

I feel great and I owe my friend way more than that bet.

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