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Lose Weight Without Spending A Penny

Lose Weight Without Spending A Penny

It’s very easy to make excuses for not doing something, as humans we naturally look for reasons not to do something when really we should be looking at what we could be doing.

There are many excuses for not doing something, I haven’t got time or I can’t do that, but one of the most common excuses is that we don’t have enough money.

Well you’re in look, I have written this article to show you how you can lose weight without spending a penny. Yes you can lose weight for free, of course there is some hard work needed on your part, but that’s it, just a bit of graft.

You don’t need a gym membership, nor do you need any fancy equipment, supplements or even a workout DVD. All you need is the will to do everything possible that will allow you to lose weight.

You’re on the internet reading this article now, so you have all the resources you will ever need, you just need to spend the time doing some research.

In terms of exercise there are thousands of exercises that can be done just using your own bodyweight, such as squats, lunges, push ups and crunches. There’s thousands more if you have anything that weighs a couple of kilos whether it be a jar, water bottle, dumbbell or even a candle. By searching bodyweight exercises on Google you will be able to find all the exercises you could ever need. There is also YouTube by Google where you can watch somebody demonstrating the exercises to ensure you are performing the correct technique.

So you have no excuses in terms of exercise, make a playlist that motivates you, put your headphones in and do 30 minutes a day of bodyweight or resistance exercises.

In addition to your new exercise program, slightly change the way that you eat. Reduce the amount of starchy carbohydrates in your diet as for the average person is eating more than they need. The majority of the human race especially in the western world, lead a sedentary lifestyle where sitting down is the main and in some cases only agenda of the day. Therefor eating as our ancestors did and more in addition to being less active it’s no wonder that the rate of obesity is increasing.

As well as reducing your starchy carbohydrate intake, also stop eating anything that is processed or denatured (not natural).

Also start drinking a minimum of 1 litre every day per every 25kg’s of bodyweight and ensure you get 8 hours sleep a night.

Follow the above advise and you are guaranteed to lose weight for free.

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