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Are You A Possible Candidate For Smartlipo

Are You A Possible Candidate for Smartlipo

SmartLipo is used to slim and trim your body. It is an easy and quick process that offers cent percent results. The process of SmartLipo is popular among men and women equally. It allows you to look beautiful and younger. The trend of plastic surgery is not new; however, there are modification in the instruments used and in the process carried out.

Everyone wants to look good, but the majority is worried of the end result. If a liposuctions surgery of any kind goes wrong, the result is quite disastrous. Perhaps, this is the reason why people hesitate to go for Lipo or other such treatments. Then there are misconceptions and myths related to the overall procedure that often haunt minds of the prospective candidates.

Keeping in mind all this confusion, we have created a list of characteristics. If you are bewildered whether to go for Lipo or not, following characteristics will help you make final decision.


It is very necessary that you must now your expectations. Disasters happen when the results are different from your expectations. You must keep in mind that Lipo is an individual process. It is not a substitute; neither can it transform your looks completely. It is not the witchcraft to convert an ugly duckling into a fairy.

SmartLipo is a modern day reality. It will definitely help you to achieve beautiful body. A beautiful body will develop your confidence level. SmartLipo is a miracle that can change your appearance. However, the results are different for different people. It will remove your fat pockets and will give you a trimmed personality. It will keep your skin tight, without any scars and will never leave any signs of the treatment.

Are You Ready?

Best possible SmartLipo candidates should have following characteristics.

• You are in excellent health conditions.

• You do not smoke.

• You understand that the SmartLipo will trim your body, it is not meant to remove the layers of fat.

Who is Ideal?

People who have maintained their body weight closer to normal BMR (20 - 25 pounds within your ideal body weight) are ideal for SmartLipo. Usually these people need trimming, a smart nudge in the right direction. You can figure out yourself as a possible Lipo candidate if your body needs shape and proper figure. Remember, Lipo does not offer lip job (pout and ready to kiss lips), nose job or eye lifting. However, you can cut the fat off your double chin and cheeks.

Ins and Outs:

SmartLipo offers buttocks, double chin, legs, thighs, love handles, and fat removal from smaller areas like jaw line and abdomen. It does not offer fat removal surgery for the bigger parts of the body and fat attached to the body parts. SmartLipo does not offer removal of fat cells attached to the internal organs (liver, stomach and lungs).

Financial Preparations:

Price of the Lipo varies in different states. It might cost you $2000 to 5000$ depending on state, and doctor. Most of the insurance companies do not cover these Lipo costs. You have to pay the entire amount yourself. However, some institutes offer you advantage of the installments. You might have to pay a large sum of money or less than 50% as advance and then rest of the amount is paid in installments.

However, never take anything for granted. Different institutes have different policies. Consult yours before making an assumption.

Tolerance for Local Anesthesia:

A good candidate must have tolerance for local anesthesia. Lipo is just like any other surgery. You will be treated with anesthesia so that you cannot feel sensation of pain. It is very necessary that you must show tolerance for local anesthesia. If you had, any issues with anesthesia in past, share the experience with your doctor and see if you can find out an alternative.

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