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Fat Burning Cardio

!h1>Fat Burning Cardio Workout Program

Every day that Joanie went to the gym, she抎 get on the treadmill or elliptical and exercise for 30-60 minutes. After all, her trainer told her to do long, slow fat burning cardio workouts. But deep inside, she knew it wasn抰 working.

Like you, Joanie wasn抰 getting results from traditional cardio programs, and was time (and money) spending an hour each day going to and from the gym. She could no longer afford this, so she went looking on the Internet for the truth about fat burning.

She looked through all of the magazine websites, but those also told her to do more and more cardio. But again, she knew they were wrong. Finally, on the verge of giving up, Joanie stumbled across interval training and something called, 搒hort, burst workouts?

With nothing to lose, Joanie started trying these total body workouts in the comfort of her own home. The exercises were simple and used more muscles than her regular elliptical machine fat loss programs.

She cranked up her favorite music and did 15 minutes of resistance training and 15 minutes of interval training and that was it. No drive to the gym and no need for spending money on gas or child care. This was exactly what she was looking for.

In each workout, Joanie started with a bodyweight warm-up that lasted only 3 to 5 minutes, and the exercises were fun. Joanie抯 warm-up included bodyweight squats, stability ball leg curls, kneeling pushups, and relaxing exercises for her upper back.

This was different to the 5 minute treadmill warm-up she was used to doing when she抎 drive to the gym for a so-called fat-burning-cardio workout. She always knew it was a waste of time to get on that treadmill for a warm-up. It didn抰 prepare her for anything.

Immediately after her warm-up, Joanie started 12 minutes of resistance training supersets using fun and unique exercises she discovered in the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual. From spiderman climbs to Bulgarian split squats, she could feel each exercise tightening up her trouble spots ?something fat burning cardio never did.

Finally, she finished off her workouts with interval training (done outside) or bodyweight circuits done in the comfort of her own home. She didn抰 need anything except for an exercise ball, a bench, adjustable dumbbells, a mat, and her bodyweight. And she was able to pick up that equipment at a used sports store for cheap.

Joanie was able to get rid of the gym membership that she didn抰 want or need, and saved $40 per month in gym fees alone, not to mention the $65 she spent every 6 weeks on a personal training session (and the $2 in gas each day spent going to and from the gym).

In just two weeks she lost 5 pounds and a dress size, and knew she was never going back to long, slow fat-burning-cardio workouts. Joanie was sold on the short, burst Turbulence Training workouts to help her lose fat and cut inches from her thighs, arms, and belly fat. She now knows the truth about burning fat.

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