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Low Carb Diets Combined With A Fitness Coach In Philadelphia

Many people today strive hard to lose body fat in hopes of a healthier lifestyle. But no matter how many sit-ups you do every day, you really cannot lose fat with exercise alone. If you are being true to yourself and your training, you must opt in to a healthier diet and smarter eating habits.

In recent years, there has been so much hype around the effectiveness of low carb diets in the past years. Excessive carbohydrate intake has been linked to several health problems like type II diabetes, impaired neural function and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, very low carbohydrate diets can impair the function of the thyroid gland, which plays a major role in long term fat loss and overall optimal health. This article may help you find that balance.

Your body uses carbohydrates for energy. Proteins and fats are necessary for energy but also muscle growth, cellular production, and contain vital nutrients that are delivered throughout the body by the lymphatic and circulatory system. When the foods we eat are ingested and broken down, the nutrients required immediately are dispersed and then stored what is not needed right away is stored in the liver, muscle cells as glycogen or fatty tissue throughout your body for later use. If you eat too many carbs, insulin production prevents your body from using fats as energy. So if you eat too many carbs, you will not burn up any stored fat.

Lowering your simple carbohydrate intake has consistently lead to a greater fat loss when compared to the conventional low fat diets. Complex carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetable should be replacing starchier carbs like rice, pasta and breads. The key is finding an effective balance in the types of carbohydrates you are taking in. If you personally lack the knowledge of what a balanced low carb diet should look like, find a weight loss coach that has these skills to assist with developing a diet plan specifically designed for you.

A good place to start is to cut out all of the refined carbohydrates like muffins, bagels, pasta, bread, and all the sweet and starchy foods that turn into sugar too quickly. Eating smaller balanced meals throughout the day will help keep your metabolism burning fuel and hopefully looking to the stored fat reserves for its energy needs. By eating more protein sources like meat, seafood, chicken and incorporating more whole fruits and vegetables, your body will not crave sugars as much once you are in this routine.

Today, we are seeing so many more weight loss programs in Lower Bucks County than in previous years. The success of low carb diets in Philadelphia has grown exponentially. Once again, it is the balanced and healthy diets that work and is the best way to lose weight. There is no quick fix solution to safe and permanent weight loss.

Remember that there is no one factor that plays more of an important role on your health than managing your weight. Make wise choices and a fit healthy body will be the natural result. Ask a certified weight loss coach to further guide you.

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