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More Quick Snacks For Your Six Week Total Body Makeover That Won’t Torpedo Your Results

Recently we delved into the topic of eating in an improvisational way within the Six Week Total Body Makeover Program. In other words, we want to know if it is ok to eat outside the purview of the regimen if we get hungry.

I have urged users to take the approach that for the first week to two weeks, you will simply grind out the lack of comfort and accept it. This is a fair trade off for the results you are seeking. Besides, when you look at other programs and the demands placed upon you, this isn’t much to ask. Still, there are 4 weeks beyond that and then more if you decide to turn Six Week Total Body Makeover into your regular program.

You will absolutely need some quick snacks that will get the job done when you feel slightly too much hunger. One thing about Six Week Total Body Makeover is it can tend to be geared totally toward the less active among us. The marketing message is clear that it isn’t interested in making us exercise and instead is almost fully diet-focused.  The exercise portion of the system is pretty light. If we do end up exercising more because we either tend to be more active or we simply want to augment our path towards results, we are going to need more fuel. Since content is king in this weight loss program, we’ll have to be careful.

Previously, I advised people to look closely at almonds, walnuts, and water based fruits. They are loaded with natural nutrients, vitamins and items like apples tend to speed up the body’s metabolism actually helping further our cause of losing weight. Consider also things like grapes, peaches, and salt-free/oil-free cashews and peanuts.

I am also a huge fan of eggs. I like to keep a plastic container full of scrambled eggs in the refrigerator. One large spoonful really fills me up and they are loaded with protein and nutrients that our body burns efficiently into energy. Consider also blueberries and bananas. They have a firmer quality that do a better job of keeping us feeling fuller than say an apple. I like to use cinnamon as a base spice additive to give it a little extra flavor too.

One thing I would advise against is using salt or hot sauce in conjunction with either the nuts or eggs. The day may arrive where you’ll have the knowledge and freedom to freelance more outside of the strictness of the regimen. Focus instead on the approved salt substitutes.


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