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What Might Be Next For Provida To Complement 6 Week Body Makeover?

Probably my favorite part of blogging on the issues of home health and fitness products is trying to play prognosticator about what a company will do in the way of introducing new products or in marketing the already existing products.  This probably has something to do with my long-standing fascination with business and the process of making a product and bringing it successfully to market.

I haven’t really had the success I wanted in this area and I have great respect and admiration for those that do. I am what they call online a “fanboy” (or girl in this case) of the big players. I definitely do not think this compromises my objectivity in reviewing products.  But it is something I always have to be aware of. Big successful companies make bad decisions, put out substandard products and craft lousy marketing campaigns too. Just like the rest of us small-timers.

Lately, my focus has been on the ins and outs of the Michael Thurmond 6 Week Body Makeover from Provida. I like the idea generally of a diet plan that is tailored to people who can’t stand to exercise really hard and are also fed up to here with the agonizing over the amount of calories they eat in a day. So I started exploring.

Michael Thurmond 6 Week Body Makeover promises the user they will be able eat more, exercise less, and still lose weight.  The key to the promotion along with the slogan has been a loyal group of users who swear by the results. What is pretty obvious is these are very achievable if you can do the pre-work that this system requires to identify your unique body blueprint for weight loss and you can stick to eating all the little meals during the day. This requires a high degree of preparation.

With the 6 Week Body Makeover program you already have about 15 parts, bonuses and tools. What more might Provida and Michael Thurmond be adding.  Well one thing I’d love to see added would be a meal ideas software. I envision a tool where you could take things in your house or pantry and input them into an online data base where meal options and recipes are immediately spit out. This would help people in the rut of not knowing what to make who are getting bored sticking to the program. If you read the reviews that are negative, this blandness and dullness is one of the larger complaints.


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