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HCG Injections for Weight loss

You might have heard about HCG injections that help you lose excess fat quickly when hCG is injected. People are always looking for ways and means to shed excess weight but then it always comes at a price. But then why not indulge if it will make you look great you might ask. The HCG shots are said to be a fast weight loss treatment that helps to make excess pounds just melt away as if by magic.

Using HCG injections with a low calorie intake are among the hottest diet programs when it comes to weight loss because the use of hCG has been mentioned in a book by the author Kevin Trudeau. The book mentions that the HCG shots are some type of new treatment that is found to help people lose one pound a day. The fact is that hCG has been studied so many times to see if it really assists people in losing weight. Actually the studies were conducted way back in the 1970s, so it isn’t really anything new.

The hCG hormone which is used in the HCG injections is a hormone which is naturally found in the body and there are quite a few doctors who will still insist that it does do wonders for weight loss. The use of hCG is only approved by the U.S. FDA as a form of fertility treatment. The use of HCG shots for weight loss would be considered off label use. There are said to be quite a few clinics in the United States that dispense the HCG shots for weight loss but searching for one with reasonable prices might be pretty time consuming. Such clinics are not many and the HCG injections can be purchased from the internet as an alternative.

If you intend buying HCG injections online then you might wonder about the hCG dosage and the method of using the injections correctly. A low dosage of as small as 125 IU per day together with a low-calorie diet plan can provide that someone looking to lose weight with some really intense and fast weight loss results. Tens of hundreds of dieters have extremely enjoyed the benefits that one can get from using HCG shots while dieting. Experts in the field have claimed that the daily usage of 125 to 200 IU in terms of an hCG dosage can result in effective weight loss to the tune of one pound per day which means that the dieter could lose as much as 30 pounds in a month.

It is important that the correct dosage is maintained for the HCG injections if one desires to derive success in weight loss from the use of HCG shots. It is extremely important that the dieter does not use more than the recommended hCG dosage since a higher dose could make the diet fail and might even cause the dieter to gain weight instead of lose it. HCG dieting should always be taken in conjunction with medical guidance as with any diet.

So if you are looking for HCG shots in order to lose weight, check out the HCG injections available right here!

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