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God will I ever be free of Eating Disorders?

Very good question!

I wondered this almost a million times. I wasn’t mainly limited on faith. On the contrary I use to have a fairly consistent degree of faith: I was able to assert my faith in God for finances and in some cases physiological healing but when it was time to trust God to heal me from this eating disorder, I had absolutely nothing.

My trust wasn’t demolished in one day either. No, the wear occurred over several years. I interceded, I cried out to God, I tried every diet on the planet, I planned, I took slimming capsules, I abused my body,other times I nourished my body, I exercised, I attempted mind-calming exercise, I ate only when truly hungry, I went on fasts, I cut down sweets, I attempted to deny it all in the hope that it will all just vanish, I joined support groups, and I received counseling which helped a lot with my brokenness, but as for my struggle with food related issues …

Still: Not a thing.

This difficulty simply wouldn’t budge. I spent so much resources, hours and effort on this struggle that it was feeling as if it got to be a piece of me. Therefore , the question: Will I ever become free of my Food problems?

In my frantic search for answers, I met some people who used even more drastic steps than I have: Many had surgery, they received liposuction, some acquired treatment options abroad, some took part in televised contests, some paid gigantic quantities of hard earned cash to challenge themselves to lose unwanted weight.

Still: Many of these individuals finished exactly where they’ve began – with practically nothing – no genuine solution.

Exactly what is this problem?

Why does it have this kind of death grip on our society?

A lot of women are afflicted by eating disorders or some disordered kind of eating, even though we will not be “described” as such. An Eating Disorder is understood to be “The inability to eat in a regular, wholesome way”. To deprive oneself all week long, and binge over the weekend is neither normal nor healthy. To be on and off weight loss plans for twenty, thirty or forty years of our lives, is undoubtedly not what God had in mind when He gave us food as nourishment for our bodies!

Ultimately I simply didn’t want to deny it anymore: I had an eating disorder, and it had me. I wanted to know “Would I ever be free from my eating disorder?” I asked God, I enquired all-around, I read, I observed, I acquired some answers, and I am sharing it with ladies around the world…

My life is not perfect, but it is worth living again. I do not squeeze into a size 2 bluejeans, but I’m not obsessed any longer. I have peace back, and JOY! Life is wonderful, and God is awesome!

I created a website and put a program together for women battling with food because I wanted to see women and moms obtain healing and freedom from the agony of eating disorders. Women take care of so much, we must be so strong for all the people in our lives, and God give us the capacity to accomplish all this stuff and have incredible influence on the ones we love. Nonetheless, if you have an eating disorder you will become simply a small fraction of the woman God created you to be…

Do not pay attention to the enemy any longer. Even in your fragile and broken down state you can be strong if you put your hands in the hand of the One who delights in you. “With God all things are possible!” It really is true. Your food addiction is not too big for the God who created the World, you were just deceived into thinking otherwise.

The truth is: God cares about you, and all the particulars of your life…

Look, I want to take your hand and lead you back to the same basic truth: God is still God, and He alone can set you free. Your faith can be restored in this specific area, you can hear the Holy Spirit call out your name and remind you:”You are a princess of the King of all kings.”

If you want to learn more about How to Stop Binge Eating by yourself then you might want to have a look at a program called “Women Struggling with Food”. This Program for Chrisitan women who struggle with foodcan teach you how to stop binge eating or stop bulimia for good.

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