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Drink How Much Water can Weight Loss

Water is a panacea for all health problems.Drinking right amount can help to maintain hydration levels,

physical well-being and that's the punch line, to lose weight!

1.Functions water
The fact is understood that the water helps to mobilize soluble nutrients, waste, transport, and

regulates body temperature. Inadequate intake can lead to high blood pressure, an increase in the

amount of impurities in the blood, and skin problems. Water also helps in the transport and dissolution

of fat cells in the body. Our lifestyles have reduced the competitive food junk food contains empty

calories food zero. This depletes the natural nutrients and ends only by maintaining high amount of


2.Water Dense Foods
Natural products, such as the human body, are made of water. These foods are rich in nutrients and

water bases are perfect substitutes for fried foods and processed. These foods are high in calories are

high satiety with empty calories that keep you feeling full longer. When the water of fruits and

vegetables, such as carrots, apples, melons, lemons, grapes, kiwi, spinach, cucumber and radish, which

is said to lose as much as 800 calories a day.
The logic behind the water-dense foods is that they will pass through the body without causing further

harm. In addition, the nutrients they contain will help replenish the natural and better physical


3.How Much to Drink to Lose Weight
Since water aids in easier and faster digestion of food, he is responsible for the results in a high

rate of metabolism. This in turn helps to burn fat. However, knowing the amount of water used to reduce

the weight is important. It is estimated that each kilogram of body weight, need at least 0033 liters

of water to maintain optimal physical function. Thus, the average male weighs 60 kg, you must drink at

least 2 liters of water to be able to lose weight effectively. This includes a variety of fluids

consumed during the day, such as soups, juices and teas. If you want to be able to lose weight

effectively, you need to stay away from caffeinated drinks, soft drinks and processed foods. Drink at

least three cups of cold water every morning before breakfast, you set your metabolism movement. This

will keep burning fat cells during the day, even at rest.

4.Hot or Cold?
Many nutritionists argue the effectiveness of cold water on a hot, especially because the cold water is

absorbed more quickly the body. In a glass of cold water on an empty stomach is known to feed on the

metabolism and burns calories. Hot water, on the other hand, tends to slow down metabolism.
Having the right amount of water will help one lose as much as 2 kilograms in a month. With this

information up your sleeve, you will be able to establish a healthy drinking habit, and drink away to

good health.
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