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Take Three Stages to Do Thin Waist That Makes You Beautiful in Your Lifetime

Take Three Stages to Do Thin Waist That Makes You Beautiful in Your Lifetime

In Women's life, the time periods most likely gain weight is the youth, and post-fat period, and a woman's menopause. Of course, women's waist also has different changes based on the stages of life.

1, Adolescent

More than ten years old to twenty-year-old female, more exuberant female hormone secretion of these hormones guides the body to store fat to the chest, hips and thighs. As for the abdomen, has not yet become a fat hit. So, this time is a good time to waist and abdomen. Here's a little trick belly dancing, thin waist and fun.

Weapon: Belly Dance Trick
Chest round draw: stand in front of the mirror side of the body to do this action. Feet to hip width distance from the standing, knees slightly bent, toes bone away, chest.
Imagination with his chest in front of the mirror draws an "O". First, keep hips do not move, then continue to the chest to the left, down, right, up, paddling, paddling to the track into an "O" after the return to the starting point. Make paddling clockwise and counterclockwise, do it each time 5 minutes.

2, Post-natal

Which woman postpartum bellies can "automatically" return to the pre-graceful state of it? Of course not, so the waist movement is necessary. However, post-natal exercise should consult a doctor or midwife. In most cases, the sixth week of postpartum, you can gradually extend the time for a walk, and increase exercise intensity and type.

Weapon: Two Little Tricks
Here are two little tricks are applied to reduce postpartum belly. The beginning of each exercise repeated five times, and gradually increased to 50 times to do the two movements together.

Yang, "sit" from "lying": sitting on the edge of a sofa, feet on the floor, and hands on the lower abdomen. Relaxed thigh, gently turn the thigh outward. Then the body lay back until just hit the back of the sofa back. Raise the abdomen; lift one foot or both feet off the ground. Breathe, to maintain the action, tighten the abdominal muscles, the number 10 after the breath sound. Feet back into the ground, sit up, and then relax.

3, Menopause

At this time the female body to reduce the secretion of estrogen, fat will change the storage path, more accumulation in the upper body and waist. Middle-aged women, it is easy because of too much visceral fat accumulation in the risk of heart disease and cancer. In order to build healthier, menopausal women can use the following exercise to exercise waist.

Weapon: Yoga
Under pressure, women tend to eat more, especially more sweets, because sweets in particular can help to reduce the release of stress hormones. When the pressure problems when trying to practice yoga, meditation, or at least to do with deep breathing to control their emotions.

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