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Isagenix 9 day diet


Isagenix is a very big company in the North America and it was started in the year 2002. It introduced products related to nutrition and cleansing of the body and brought a revolution in the market and their success is beyond words.

The Isagenix products include categories like Cleanse, Nutrition and Skin care. The range of products available in the cleanse category include 30 day system, 9 day system, Isalean Shake, Isalean soup, Isalean Bar etc. All these products firstly help in removing the impurities present in the body and secondly provide important nutrients to the body to improve its health. The products of Nutrition category include Total Health and Wellness, IsaOmega Supreme, Isa fruits, Essentials for men, Essentials for women and so on. Their main focus is on provide vitamins which are not so easily available in food, provide nutrients which increase absorption in the body and which clean up the body. The skin care range includes skin renewal system, eye and lip firming treatment, and 6 phases: Dermal cleanse, Micro-dermabrasion, Replenishing Toner, Vitamin C Serum, AM Cream and PM Cream. These products have been created for people of all ages to make them look more fresh and health and beautiful. The proper use of this range can make any skin type look healthier and clear.

The revenues of Isagenix have already crossed the $400 million mark and it is still growing at an unbeatable speed in the market. The distribution of the Isagenix products is done by representatives spread in North America as well as Hong Kong.

There are very positive reviews about the products of Isagenix. About the 9 day cleanse, a user said that there were no headaches or stomach aches through out the period of usage of the product. Another user said that by using these products he had reduced 8 pounds in 6 days without facing any side effects on his health. One user also said that these products help the individual loose fat and increase the muscle which is very healthy and good for the body.

Now, let us look at the pricing of these products. The 9 day program of the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat burning system is priced at $164.95 if you want to buy retail and at $125.00 if you want to buy wholesale. The 30 day program of same product is priced at $349.00 for retail and $249.00 for wholesale.

Some of the people who lost great amounts of extra weight are: Jim.M used these products and claims to have lost 240 pounds. Jason "The Crusher"D. lost 218 pounds by using the Isagenix program. There are several others like them who have successfully lost their extra pounds and their stories are available at the official site of Isagenix which is www.isagenix.com. The entire range of products can also be viewed here along with their uses as well as expected results. Anyone can visit the website or call them to get an in-depth idea about the programs and products and understand how these products will be beneficial for him or her.

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