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Could Your Pooch be Your Best Weight Loss Tool?

American抯 seem to be losing the battle of the bulge. Everywhere you look there is a new weight loss scheme or the latest, greatest fitness machine (doomed to become more junk in your basement) yet American抯 are still heavier than ever. Amid all of this hype there is one tool for weight loss that really works, is a lot of fun, and many of us already have one at home!?

It is an unfortunate reality that obesity is an increasing problem in America. The facts are stunning ?according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), American adults have experienced a 60% increase in obesity within the past twenty years, and the number of obese American children has tripled within the past thirty years. Over one-third of adults in America are obese and deaths related to obesity have increased to over 300,000, making obesity second only to tobacco related deaths.?

Many factors are contributing to this increase in obesity. American抯 sedentary lifestyles are one of the major contributing factors. Physical activity is crucial to losing weight. Calories that we eat must be burned off or they will be stored as fat, and usually stored in the last place we want to see it! We all know we need to be more active to get fit, yet somehow, many of us are still 揾usky??to borrow a term from our canine friends. We are constantly surrounded with information on the latest weight loss fads, quick fixes and schemes promises quick and easy weight loss. There really is no quick, easy way to permanent weight loss, but there is a simple weigh loss tool that is rarely discussed, even though many of us already have one in our own homes ?your dog!牋?

Walking can be one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to lose weight. It is a cheap, healthy way to get outside and to trim your waistline. There are plenty of scientific and anecdotal evidence showing that people exercise more regularly when they are accountable to someone else ?an exercise buddy. Making your dog your exercise buddy is a great idea, since let抯 face it, it is a lot easier to say no to a friend than it is to say no to your dog. Your friend isn抰 going to put your tennis shoe in his mouth while staring up at you with big sorrowful eyes when you cancel your walking date at the last minute. We all know what a powerful motivator those big puppy eyes can be!

Because of their naturally healthy and energetic dispositions, dogs make great workout buddies! In order for you to be the best dog owner you need to emulate a bit of their energy. Spending time walking and playing with your dog, ideally outdoors, will make you, and your dog happier and healthier.

Instead of buying into yet another quick weight loss scheme try focusing on the simple things you can do to achieve and sustain a healthy weight. Your dog lives for spending active time with you ?walking in the park or playing fetch. So, the next time you find yourself sitting on the sofa, with a bag of chips, wondering how you are going to lose those last few pounds, put down the chips, open up the door and let your best friend lead the way! You will both be on your way to being happier and healthier!

Once you抮e done with your workout it抯 probably time to hit the showers ?for you and your dog. Consider using a healthier, all natural, organic dog shampoo .?And when bath time is done, wrap him up in a warm cozy dog bathrobe and settle in for some cuddle time!
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