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What Is More Essential - Diet, Exercise & Sleep?

He has been writing article Diet, exercise and sleep are the key the three important factors leading to a healthy life. By studying their importance one can prioritize these actors and that is what has been explained in this particular article. It's a puzzle when it needs to be decided which offers or is most important for health. Should more stress be given on diet or exercise or sleep individually ? The answer is none, but, also all. Deliberate confusion has been created so it can be emphasized that health is a joint contribution of many factors, but prominently all the three exercises, diet and sleep.

Detangling all three separately, you will understand the Importance Of Diet

Diet does not have the same meaning as it used to have years ago. Now we have the concept of "smart diet" equivalent to "smart eating". This come to be the science of eating everything thing in right propitiations and regular intensity. We are talking about small healthy eating habits which should include:-

1) Lots of green vegetables and fruits. The rule is to have lots of colorful fruits -apples, peaches, berries, orange, mangoes etc.
2) Natural sweetness from sweet vegetables like- yam,onions, corn, carrots etc.
3) Lay emphasis on having healthy carb (carbohydrates), whole grains, proteins through pulses and legumes, calcium through milk & milk products.
4) If you also have additional heath supplements in form of herbal products for diet. Recommendations are to have Herbalife products and Herbalife weight loss remedy for weight loss.
5) Water in quantities of 10 - 12 glasses a day, to keep the hydration levels of your body up.
6) Lastly, control the intake of salt and sugar. Keep salt intake to a pinch and sugar to few table spoons.
Importance Of Exercise

People have plenty of reasons to exercise. Some need to get a fit body, some need to lose weight while the rest require do it as their regular routine. Exercise for daily routine is important because it helps:-

1) To keeps you mentally active and increases bodily capacity.
2) Exercise to keep you body weight ideal, along with Herbalife weight loss formula.
3) To have fit body with reduced risk of heart attack, lower the blood pressure, keep cholesterol levels down and curb diabetes.
4) To strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
Importance Of Sleep

It will not be an exaggeration to say that sleep is a blessing. There is no better way of relaxing than to have a 7-8 hours sound sleep. Sleep is yet another important factor which is generally overlooked by people, implication of which could be damaging. Therefore note the importance of sleep as it:-

1) Foremost refreshes and rejuvenates the body. Helps body and brain to synchronize, and help in better memory accumulation.
2) Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain. This crucially affects hormonal balance and the carbohydrate stores in the body.
3) Affect your mood with disturbed sleep associated with more and frequent mood swings and lack of concentration.
4) Helps the heart to rest and improves the immune system. Also helps in production of newer cells and fight cancer better.
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