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What Is Medifast? I'll Tell You

I've lost a good deal of weight on the medifast diet, so I feel somewhat qualified to answer the question of "what is medifast."  I find that there are a lot of misconceptions. I will try to address many of the incorrect assumptions that have come to my attention within the last several months.

To understand what medifast really is, you first have to know what it is not. It is not a starvation or liquid only diet. Nor is it comprised of only bars and shakes. You actually eat quite a lot of real food. You are not required to eat diet food for each and every meal. Additionally, you will never have to leave your own home, meet with a counselor, or visit a clinic.

This is actually a meal replacement program which means that you replace most of what you would eat in a typical day with one of the plan's 70 choices. The meals are prepackaged and pretty convenient. Most taste pretty good. Some examples are: pudding; cappuccino; lattes; soup; stew; chili; eggs; crackers; oatmeal; shakes; fruit drinks; hot chocolate; and protein bars, to name only a few. You can choose whichever of these you like in any order or in any frequency as long as you are eating the recommended amount. The foods are designed to be low carb and low calorie, but fortunately there are a lot of dessert and snack options available.

The plan offers options for men, diabetics, and women, but the vast majority of dieters are on the five plus one plan. This means on any typical day, most people eat five of the plan's meals and then prepare one main, larger meal on their own. This "lean and green" meal generally consists of protein and veggies.

You can also add sugar free syrups, fat free cheese, sour cream and salsa to much of the offerings for more variety. There are also recipes that allow you to make muffins, cookies, and cakes from the prepackaged pudding and oatmeal.

There are a couple of things that make this plan effective. First, you are replacing probable high calorie foods or bad choices with safe, lower calorie options. This frees you up to concentrate on other things like lifestyle changes or exercise. Second, this program puts your body in ketosis, which is a fancy way for saying your body is burning its own fat. This is not as bad as it may sound. In my own experience, I can tell when I am in this state because my cravings diminish or become less intense.

Resources, instructions, and food are available online. The cost of this program is about $8-$10 per day, but there are usually coupons and specials available.

Lindsey Price is the author of the free ebook "Getting The Most Out Of Medifast," which includes coupons, recipies, and tips. To get a free copy (immediate download / no information required), click here You can also visit her diet review website at http://easiest-diet.com/

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