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Here Is Why You Are Not Shedding The Pounds You Desire! Deadly Mistakes You Must Know

Being overweight and obese can make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in company. If you have been doing the wrong things to lose weight then it always pays to admit one's faults as this in turn allows you to put things right! Take a look at the following reasons why you do not seem to lose weight.

Wrong diet.
Eating the wrong types of food is one of the most common factors that lead to obesity. Giving into the temptation of eating out regularly, especially in fast-food centers will make you consume more calories than usual. If you cannot give up the fried food, rich chocolates and the French fries, you have only yourself to blame. You need to substitute these foods with foods that have less fat content and are more nutritious like fruit and vegetables.

No proper exercise.
Making a half-hearted attempt at exercise is not going to help! If you think that a few exercises done once in a blue moon is going to help you shed those pounds, then you are mistaken. A strict exercise regime has to be followed every day. Only then will the body burn all the excess fat and you will see the results.

Secret Binging
If you have been sticking to a diet in order to decrease your calorie intake during the week, and have been secretly binging on burgers and sodas on the weekend, thinking that a "once a week binge" is not going to matter as long as you keep your diet for the rest of the week - you're mistaken. The moment you binge on all the wrong food you put back all the calories you saved during the week!

Wrong attitude.
If you are going around with a desperate feeling of fear and anxiety that you are not going to be able to shed the extra fat, then this negative attitude will influence your commitment and exercise regime. A good positive attitude is necessary to be successful.

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