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Turbulence Training Fat Loss Special Report

Turbulence training may be a relatively new term for you. If you are looking for a workout routine that allows you to lose weight and to maintain your body without hitting a plateau in your progress, then this program may be perfect for you.
The foundation for the turbulence training Craig Ballantyne has developed is the thinking that the body is highly adaptable, and therefore gets used or habituated to the exercises that the person does on a regular basis. Thus, this accounts for why many workouts tend to stop producing results overtime.

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Craig, being a regular writer on one of the fitness and health magazines dedicated to men, also presented the turbulence training e-book that one can look into in order to better understand this training and to fully make use of the workout program. The turbulence training workouts contained therein are quite intense and it is for this reason why those who have tried the program recommend that you at least have a high degree of physical fitness. If not, or if you have some pre-existing medical conditions, then you may want to consult a health practitioner first or build up a relative amount of physical stamina before launching into the Ballantyne turbulence training. Those who have had no prior regular workouts before starting this training may find that the results may be slow at first but that they do improve over time. Take note, again, that there is supposedly no plateau period.

One thing that is noted when it comes to this workout is that regular cardio training apparently does not comprise the mix that the program has. This means that running or biking and even treadmills are not necessary. So if you're thinking that this new workout carries with it the equivalent of new equipment, then you can lay that concern to rest.

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One thing that helps separate this program from the rest of the workouts is the interval training. The rest or the breaks that one takes in between the reps and the workouts are just as important as the workouts themselves. Heart rate is not factored in as a necessity in weight loss. In short, there is no need to pull up the heart rate.

Variety is very much a part of this training program, so there is no need to stick with any single combination of workouts for weeks or months. In essence, Craig also describes the turbulence training workout as short workouts that are done at least 3 times a week.

In general, the interval training is pinpointed as a powerful method when it comes to losing weight. But with this type of training, it is possible to have 30-second exercise intervals with a recovery period of a minute to a minute and a half. It should also remove the repetitiveness or the feeling of routines while doing the exercises. It would also be much easier to stick to the workouts that are outlined in the guide. This is all designed to constantly challenge the body to adjust to the training process.

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