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Fat burning cardio/ heart rate

When trying to figure your heart rate and burn fat the first thing you need to do is figure out what your ideal heart rate should be. This is determined by your age and what your daily exercise is. If you are rather sedentary like I am, your target heart rate is slower than if you exercise often. There are a lot of heart rate calculators available online for no cost that are easy to use. There is an actual calculation you can figure out, but even with college Statistics, I cannot figure out this equation. I recommend just using the calculators.

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Once you determine your heart rate, fat burning comes next. How you burn fat depends on how you exercise. Jumping rope is one of the highest fat burning exercises you can do. It elevates your heart rate, increases arm, leg, and back strength and works your stomach muscles as well. It's also fun. The first couple of times I used this as a form of exercise I kept flashing back to grade school and in no time I had my kids involved and we were all in the drive way doing double Dutch. The whole family got involved because it was fun, and I had tricked myself and the kids into exercising.

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Another thing to consider when thinking about heart rate and fat burning is that your body burns fat differently than calories. If you don't eat correctly, your body will burn muscle tissue which will make you lose weight, but it not good for you. Your body burns muscle in starvation mode so it's important to eat good foods when trying to get your heart rate to the best level and burn fat at the same time. A lot of people touted the benefits of the Atkins diet because it worked to lose weight. But Atkins worked by putting your body into ketosis, a form of starvation. You lost water weight first, then stored carbohydrates that your body actually needs, and then muscle tissue. It also causes constipation and really bad breath.

The trick in getting your heart rate right and burn fat is to do it in a healthy way. Starving your body will not enable you to lose weight and keep it off. Fat burning exercise, like jumping rope, work to kick up your heart rate and get your body going. Remember too to drink a lot of water to help flush toxins from your body.

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