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Lose Stomach Fat And Get Rock Hard Abs With This Workout

So how many more hours this week, month and year are you going to spend on that treadmill? Is this really the best way to lose stomach fat and get rock hard abs? Gain lean muscle, be more energetic and healthier? No! You need to use total body exercises in short but intense workouts. You are spending and wasting way to much time!

The old ideas about spending countless hours week in and week out with long cardio workouts on a machine are proven to be ineffective. Do you want to add some lean muscle (remember the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism)? Do you want to lose stomach fat and get rock hard abs?

Total Body Exercises Should Be 90% of Your Workouts:

This is the most effective way to workout whether your looking to lose stomach fat, get rock hard abs or build your biceps. Let's make no mistake here hard work is required, extreme fitness demands that your workouts are intense. Total body exercises build muscle and lose fat faster.

Total body exercises work your whole body, get in workout and get done plus shorter workouts prevent burnout which is inevitable with those marathon cardio sessions.

So if you are ready to lose stomach fat, have rock hard abs, be stronger, more energetic and healthier, here is all there is to know about total body exercises:

Total body exercises saves time. The biggest plus is having to go to the gym less; 3 total body workouts a week (if your training at maximum intensity) will do the trick.

Your weight training workouts should be done in 45 minutes or less. That's just three to four hours per week. With total body workouts, it is all about the quality of exercise you do and not the quantity, or the amount of time.

Total body weight training workouts should be done three times per week. Add in 1-2 interval training workouts on your off days.

The Light Weight High Rep Myth:

In your weight training use heavy weight and low reps (4-8). Another falacy is using light weights and high reps. This type of training does not burn fat at a higher rate. You want to lose stomach fat and get rock hard abs? Use heavy weights and keep your rest periods short.

3 - 5 total body exercises are enough per workout. As an example:

1A) deadlifts

1B) Incline Dumbbell Press

2A) Clean and Press

2B) Burpees

Keep workouts short. Keep your rest between exercises short. Weight training affects the natural homones of the body connected to muscle building and fat loss.

Let me see shorter workouts that are proven more effective for muscle gains or fat loss seem's pretty much a no brainer. Marathon hour plus workouts or total body workouts of 45 minutes or less that get you quicker and better results. I know what I chose how about you?

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