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Weight Loss - Tips for Getting In Shape This Summer

You have the perfect swimsuit that's been hanging in the closet since October. You found the perfect accessories to match that swimsuit. You just want to shed a few pounds off so you can strut your stuff at the beach. No problem! I have five simple weight loss tips for getting in shape this summer! Let's get started.

1. Make the decision to exercise every day. Just sixty minutes of mild to vigorous exercise every day, will whip any body into great shape. Some examples of exercises to help get you in shape are:

- Housework

- Jogging

- Playing sports

- Swimming

- Walking

- Water aerobics

- Yoga

- Bicycling

- Dancing

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Don't feel limited by these suggestions. Invent your own physical activities. Do anything that will motivate you on your weight loss journey. Something is better than nothing when it comes to weight loss.

2. Reduce your calories by 300 per day. Choosing vegetables and fruit instead of fried foods will dramatically decrease your caloric intake for each day and will dramatically encourage your weight loss attempts. Try these mouth-watering substitutions:

- Carrots, broccoli, celery, watermelon, apples, and grapes are excellent choices because they won't weigh you down like fatty and greasy foods do.

3. Eat 5-7 small meals during the day. Eating small, frequent, and healthy meals throughout the day will level out your blood sugar and provide you with the appropriate nutrition needed to get through the day. Here are examples of six small and healthy meals:

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- Enjoy a frosty almond date shake for breakfast

- Salivate over fresh fruit kebabs with lemon lime dip for brunch

- Tantalize your taste buds with a Tuna pita pocket for lunch

- Refresh your mind with sweet carrots for an afternoon snack

- Feed your heart and mind with wild rice pilaf with cranberries and apples for dinner

- Relax with vanilla poached peaches for dessert

4. Consult a personal trainer. Personal trainers study, train, and devote themselves to help others have better health and fitness. And most of the time, gyms or clubs offer this service at no extra cost. Take advantage of this available resource.

- Personal trainers will go with you every step of the way in your workout regimen.

5. Lift weights with less rests between sets. You don't need to spend a fortune on weights. You shouldn't start with a heavy weight; work yourself up. Muscle weighs more than fat, but doesn't take up as much room.

- Lifting weights strengthens the musculoskeletal system, supports bone structure, and develops a strong, physically attractive body.

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