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Fat Burning Furnace - Workout Plan for Fast Weight Loss without Literally Living In The Gym!

Learn How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks!

Want to learn the best workouts to lose weight fast? The biggest problem when it comes to weight loss is having to wait. Time becomes your enemy because as time passes by, your motivation goes down. People become frustrated because the results they get do not match the effort they have put in.

Most diet and exercise programs are not designed for the average person. Most programs are simply too restrictive to keep up with and are only for people looking to get the "perfect body". Most people just want to get to a healthy weight, not be the next fitness model. Using cardio and counting calories is something of the past, these are old methods that have proven to be failures in long term weight loss. They make you do twice the work for half the results! The most effective ways to lose weight today is through calorie shifting and short burst exercises.

Calorie shifting is a way of manipulating the metabolism into burning more calories than you're taking in. Your body will always try to burn the same amount of calories that it takes in everyday. For example if you consistently eat 2300 calories a day, that is how much your body will attempt to burn each day. Likewise, if you start to starve yourself by eating just 800 calories a day, your metabolism will drop and burn just 800 calories a day. The good thing is that your body takes a few days to realize how much you have been eating giving you some time to trick it into burning more calories.

Short burst exercises are the complete opposite of standard cardio. They are just 15 minutes in duration and you do them 2-3 times a week. Short burst exercises keep your metabolism running high for up to 24 hours after each session. They also are different from cardio because they burn carbohydrates instead of calories, making your body have a hard time storing fat. One of the best resources for learning how to properly apply short burst exercises and calorie shifting is with Rob Poulou's "The Fat Burning Furnace" program. Over 10,000 people have joined and on average have lost more than 25 pounds in just 49 days. This system is so easy to use, it gives you all the tools you need to truly keep that weight off for the rest of your life.

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