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Fat Loss 4 Idiots - A Fat Loss Diet That Really Works?

Is there a day that goes by that you do not hear about some great weight loss plan that will solve all your problems? Let me begin by telling you Fat Loss 4 Idiots is not one of those programs. It will however help you to lose weight in as little as eleven days! You may be wondering how that is possible; well to begin you have to look at why most diets fail.

Diets that Fail

When you go on a diet you want to lose weight and lose it fast, and most will promise to help you do just that. The problem is the ways in which they expect you to accomplish this.


Many diet plans will not call what they are selling starvation but that is exactly what your body thinks is going on. Diets that restrict your caloric intake to dangerously low levels will not work and what is more they are dangerous. When you suddenly drop the caloric intake, your body is used to this sends up red flags. The body will then act in your best interest by slowing down the rate at which you burn calories. This is what is referred to as starvation mode; the body will protect life for as long as it can naturally.

Food Group Elimination

The next level of fad diets includes ones that tell you to eliminate an entire food group from your diet. The most common ones are no fat diets where you eat nothing with fat in it or as little as is humanly possible. The problem here is twofold, one our bodies need some fat to function properly, and two, deprivation mode works even less than starvation. What you cannot have is what you will focus on, you will crave the food as you never have and eventually you will eat it anyway. This same rule applies to carbohydrate limiting diets or the diet that says you can only eat from one food group. Bottom line it is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Fat Loss for Idiots does none of these things. This is a diet where you will likely eat more than you do now, or at least more often. The key is less about the amounts and more about the type and combinations of foods.

This is achieved through what is called calorie shifting. The idea is that your body is not aware of what you will eat tomorrow or the next day. It can only process information from the past several days. So you change the type of calories you eat every few days. Of course, the calories must be of a fast burning type so that your shocked metabolism will burn them quickly and then shift to your fat stores.

The perfect thing about this particular online diet is they have an online diet generator, which will help you change your diet every few days. They also provide support that will tell you how to order food at restaurants to continue losing weight. Think about it a diet where you do not count calories, eliminate foods, starve yourself or drink horrid shakes, what could be better than that?

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