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The Every Other Day Diet - A Easy Diet That Wont Make You Starve!

The Every Other Day Diet - A Easy Diet That Won't Make You Starve!

Lose Weight Dieting Only 3 Days a Week

The reason that most diets don't work is simply because they make people starve themselves. All of the low carb, low calorie and low fat diets are designed for fitness freaks who want to achieve 3% body fat, not for average people who just want to get to a "normal" weight. There is no need to slash entire food groups out of your diet, you will end up with mineral imbalances because your diet isn't diverse enough.

A easy diet that works great for people who want long term results is the "Every Other Day Diet" by Jon Benson and Holly Rigsby. The diet involves around "dieting" 3 days a week and then the other 4 days you will "rotate" and eat basically anything you want: fries, burgers, pies, chocolate, cakes, cookies; nothing is off limits. People are losing from 20 pounds all the way up to 100 pounds, you are in complete control of how much you want to lose.

The diet's unique eating system has generated a lot of buzz and thousands of people are joining The Every Other Day diet every day. People are keeping the weight off simply because they don't feel the need to "cheat" on their diet since their taste buds are satisfied from their days off. The real key to long term weight loss is finding a diet that fit's around your lifestyle and doesn't stress you out with complicated numbers which is exactly what the Every Other Day Diet delivers.

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