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How to Develop an Effective Cellulite Solution Regimen

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat cells under the skin in specific parts of the body. When this happens the skin begins to bulge and also sag and get lumpy - what is called the “cottage cheese” look. An improper diet that that promotes the collection of fat in the system and an excess of sodium which causes water to collect below the skin (but outside the muscles) contributes to making the look and feel of the cellulite affected areas even worse. But the main cause of cellulite is inadequate exercise and not eating enough proteins. Both of these lead to loss of muscle tissue which is replaced by fat.

Cellulite removal machines do work, but once they help remove the cellulite, there is a danger that it will return. Cellulite gel and creams can help remove the appearance of cellulite but do not resolve the cause of the problem. The only long term solution to removing cellulite and keeping it off is to follow a proper cellulite solution regimen. An effective cellulite solution regimen has two components’ – exercise and diet.

Exercise And Cellulite

You do not have to work out for 2 or 3 hours a day – a simple work out will suffice. The exercise part of the cellulite solution regimen requires firstly a scientific approach to cellulite removal and then a plan to keep your body healthy and toned so the cellulite does not return.

If you can afford a personal trainer or join a gym, your trainer will guide you on the types of exercise you need to do and the duration. These exercises will target those areas of the body where fat and cellulite are deposited. The idea here is to convert the fat into muscles and those remove the appearance of cellulite. This is done by weights and resistance training. Aerobics is another part of the cellulite solution regimen exercise routine. Aerobics raise the metabolic rate speeding up the burning of calories and toning up the whole system. Between these two, you will be able to shape you body and get rid of the excess fat and cellulite. Once the body has reached the desired shape and weight, your exercise routine will change – the aim is now not to get rid of cellulite but to keep it from coming back.

Diet And Cellulite

The exercise part of the cellulite solution regimen can work only if the intake of calories is not greater than that which is burnt during the exercise and also if the foods eaten provide the energy for the exercise. There are innumerable guides, both in hard copy and on the internet, that will tell you what you should be eating to get rid of cellulite and how much. Find a diet plan that appeals to you and stick to it. Basically, the diet part of the cellulite solution regimen is a matter of common sense. We all know what foods are fatty and unhealthy. These are to be avoided. The foods that promote energy and good health are to be eaten. And lots of water (to continually flush out cellulite and toxins from the system) is to be drunk. But this diet plan should not be abandoned when the cellulite disappears. You need to keep your cellulite solution regimen diet going in a modified form to make sure the cellulite does not return.

Find the right cellulite solution regimen for you and stick to it. Your cellulite problems will be gone for good.

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