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Fruit and Vegetable Juice Diet for Vitality

It is known facts that vegetable juices are considered to be the best builders of cells and fruit juices are the most effective to detox the body. That makes a fruit and vegetable juice diet perfect to detox and revitalize our bodies. Fasting is not a new concept; people have been fasting for spiritual and health reasons for centuries. Water fasting is not beneficial as it does not contain the nutrients our bodies need during a time of fasting. A fruit and vegetable juice diet supplies the body with all the nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins needed during the juice fast.

Often people go on a fresh fruit juice diet to detox and lose weight fast. By adding vegetables to that, the pool of nutrients become larger which is beneficial to the body and you add greater variety in taste with a fruit and vegetable juice diet. Detoxing the body automatically means a fast weight loss as the calorie intake is vastly reduced.

Weight loss should not be the main reason for going on a juice fast though. The objective should be to cleanse the body of harmful chemicals and toxins that reduce our quality of life. A fruit and vegetable juice diet can aid greatly in healing the body from illnesses, it leaves you rejuvenated and energized. You should always be sensible when going on a juice fast and it should only be followed for a maximum of five days at a time.

Simple And Easy

Make sure to include as much green leafy vegetables in your fruit and vegetable juice diet. The chlorophyll found in the green vegetables is a near perfect match for the hemoglobin in your blood. This makes it perfect for cleansing and detoxing of your digestive system. Besides green leafy vegetables, include tomato, beets, bell peppers, carrots, onion, garlic, zucchini and potato. These are some of the best juice producing vegetables. For the fruit part in your fruit and vegetable juice diet you have great variety as well.

All the melon types are great as well as the citrus fruits; limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruit. For good variety also add grapes, peaches, apricots, pears, pineapple, cherries and plums. You can mix and match whatever fruits and vegetables you like the taste combinations of, the choice is personal. Remember, if you find some of the juices on your fruit and vegetable juice diet to taste too concentrated or too sweet, you can dilute it with purified water. Be sure to juice the fruit and vegetables just before you drink it. Never leave it standing in the fridge as it loses the nutrient value.

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