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How Well Does Anti Cellulite Cream Work

An anti cellulite cream is a product that has active ingredients like antioxidants and vasodilators to shrink fat cells and loosen the fibrous bands between them, this means that cells spread sideways instead of bulging out. However, when it comes to anti cellulite cream there are different points of view between clinicians and dermatologists. There has been one a theoretical study of a double blinded randomized trial.

The Test

The study took twenty women who had a moderate level of cellulite on their thighs and/or buttocks. The study was a four week, double-blind randomized trial that focused on anti cellulite cream and its effects when applied to the affected sites on a nightly basis. A few were randomly chosen to use a neoprene garment on one leg. Before and after the four week study photographs were taken from different angles with high quality digital photography.

The Results

Seventeen women completed the study. Of these women seventy-six percent showed an overall progress in their cellulite reduction. Fifty-four percent of the women who also used the special neoprene garment had an even greater rate of progress on their thighs. Dermatologists who evaluated the study found that fifty-nine percent of treated legs had a progress without the garment and sixty-five percent of those with the garment.

The anti cellulite cream in this study was efficient in reducing the appearance of cellulite and the effect of anti cellulite cream was improved with the neoprene garment to help cellulite reduction. The dermatologists evaluating the study claim that the success of the study authenticate claims that the neoprene garment can help improve cellulite reduction along with an anti cellulite cream. However, there was no claim as to the validity of the test and the government has issued several arguments against such claims and studies by the manufacturers of anti cellulite cream.

It should also be mentioned that this study didn’t mention any specific brand name product that was involved during testing. Therefore, it can be considered that both the study and government arguments have valid points of view when it comes to the results presented by anti cellulite cream. Therefore, when it comes to using anti cellulite cream you should consider the contents of individuals brands and how they help your individual body with cellulite reduction. If you find a product that helps reduce your cellulite then you should stick with it. However, creams will only fix the problem on the surface and if you want a deeper, more permanent solution to your cellulite problem then you should consider changes in your lifestyle including diet and exercise.

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