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Dieting when poorly. Healthy chicken soup for the heart and body.

Remember back to the days when you were feeling low with a cold or flu and your mum or dad would wrap you up in a warm blanket and bring you comfort foods to help you feel better and "fight the fever". Feeling poorly was terrible but a definite upside was all the attention, love, care and tasty filling foods. Inevitably as we all got older the first thing we would do when feeling down was reach for the comfort foods and especially the creamy chicken soup.

Chicken soup is hearty and when vegetables are included contains vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein, calcium and many more essentials to fight the common illness. There is probably a grain of truth in the old wives tale of eat chicken soup when ill to feel better, however if made with buckets of cream, its not going to do your bums, tums or thighs any good and when accompanied by thick buttery bread, it can only get worse. You are not going to feel to good, when you recover from your illness to discover that you have gained a couple of pounds.

So, how to have the benefits of lovely, tasty chicken soup, get better quickly and maintain your weight until you are well enough to return to your diet?

Firstly, get a low fat chicken soup packed full of fresh vegetables. Roasted vegetables taste fantastic in soups, but if its that really creamy taste you crave but need to cut out, try squash, butternut squash is fantastic and make sure you avoid cream. Check out weight loss sites for free diet receipes and try the chicken soups when you feel well, so you know what to have when ill and consider freezing up a batch. This way when you get struck down by the flu you can heat your soup up straight away, otherwise in your deflated state you might grab the creamy chicken fattening soup. Eat healthy - feel great.

Secondly, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket or have a hot bath and relax. Don't struggle trying to do all the things you would do normally, you just drag out the illness and could end up feeling bad for weeks. Take one day out of your busy life to rest and re-cooperate. You will feel ten times better ten times quicker and the people around you wont have to suffer from your bad mood as you feel run down for days on end.

Finally, don't try to continue your diet when you are ill. Your body needs all the help it can get when it is sick and depriving it of food is not going to help you get better. You are more likely to slip off the wagon and gain weight. Take a break and concentrate on not gaining pounds. Increase your fluid intake, lots of water, orange juice is a fantastic source of vitamin c which helps to fight colds and hot drinks will help you to relax. Eat more fruit and vegetables as they include essential elements which help your body to fight illness. Eat plenty of hearty, healthy chicken soup, good for the body and the way you feel all over. If all that doesn't work consider ringing your parents for a bit of well deserved love and sympathy. Lets face it nothing beats a bit of love when you are down, not even the best chicken soup receipe!

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